Official, President Trump discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


For a public official when you look at the transcript there's nothing in that transcript that warrants the death penalty for the president and I think that to be clear it was not a complete transcript there are still things that are missing from it and in that he does say I would like you to do us a favor though the Ukrainians never did the investigation and the president release the funds I mean when you look at those there's just nothing impeachable there and more than that I think the the biggest thing that bothers me is the American people should decide this why do we have a bunch of people in Congress making this decision the transcript is incomplete you'll hear this this is another one of these things that journalists will say and they think it's smart they think that they all I'm really up on things perhaps they should read through the transcripts of the testimony behind closed doors as I have where you have these various witnesses former ambassadors NSC officials it's after at Centro brought forward by Adam Schiff for the sole purpose of trying to trash president trump and when vin men and the more we learn about in the more clear it seems that he had a at least a policy axe to grind against the trump administration but but Veneman said when asked directly well maybe they didn't you know the company was named Parise ma they they have that that might be left on the transcript that one word but that's we all know what company was talking that's it doesn't really matter is the rest of the transcript accuracy was asked this the guy who is it is supposed to be bolstering this whistle blowers complaint because he also had concerns about it he was asked and guess what he said yeah it was it was accurate okay look at that so what's this there's there's another transcript other other something is seen they they say this this is a Dodge because when you look at it and you say the transcript does not support impeachment ago well what about all this other stuff that also kinda happen that we don't lie again buzz word buzz word in any in any transcripts not even a direct transcript I mean my friends this is this is actually conspiracy level stuff now they've asked the people that heard the phone call is this transfer representative was was there anything that you remember being said that was left off of the transcript that would alter the meaning in the answers now is yours now is nothing that was like left off that would have all in so why do we keep hearing I keep hearing this in journals all it's not an exact transcript all okay this would be like saying you know you have the the defendant here signed a sworn confession but there are like at least two or three misspellings in this confession so therefore it is an inaccurate document isn't it because there are misspellings misspellings are inaccurate so now I can go around reporting on the inaccurate document that this individual sign for his confession the inaccurate confession that's how propaganda works you say take out contacts take out new ones take out understanding that we all have the world the English language what words mean and just all of course the transcript is not verbatim if that's you know that the transcript is not verbatim okay the might of left out in the hall or you know here or there is anyone really think it there's there's not some other allegation that is not can you know that that the whole crux of the case is that the president said Hey can you you know find out some answers about the twenty sixteen crowd strike thing and also look into the Biden situation with with berets not because you know I heard bad stuff was going on there that's it that was the you know the the in in less they're going to alleged there's some and they're already saying it was a quid pro quo so why why would the specific verbiage make any difference in the context of they've said that it's already there it's just garbage friends it's garbage but it's it's gonna get so gross this week I'm here to prepare you for this when you for those you that care to follow some of this political stuff that's going on in DC I mean I think that I mean there's a presidency at stake so it's hard to ignore it entirely but I think most of the American people look at this and just say I mean you gotta you gotta be kidding me I mean this is really what we're gonna be spending our time doing this really the way that the media is going to focus all their the answer's yes this other and focus all our energy but it's going to get to it's gonna get quite nasty that much is for sure.

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