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Attorneys Dick Garin and Jack Zimmerman were allowed in to speak to the branch Davidians on April first, hoping to convince Karesh that he had a valid legal defense against any charges brought against him. They advise the branch Davidians to stop talking to law enforcement, but the silence didn't last. The Garrisons Zimmerman told the FBI that their clients with leave Mount Carmel after Passover but crushes. Passover didn't directly correspond with the Jewish High Holy Days on April. Sixth Schneider called the FBI to tell them that Passover would start at sundown and last until April thirteenth. During this time, the branch Davidians would repeatedly attempt to go outside the compound as part of religious practice, but the agents at the parameter often through flashbang grenades that sent them scrambling back indoors April fourteenth arrived at the FBI. Small hope that crush would make good on his word. But instead he made a pronouncement. He had finally been given permission by God to write down his interpretation of the seven seals. When this work was done an handed over to the theologians, he said I will come out, and then you can do your thing with this beast. He estimated that the writing process would take about two weeks. He excitedly called the negotiators to preach to them for over five hours. The siege was costing. The FBI, approximately one hundred twenty eight thousand dollars, a day and conversations became more heated in Washington when the flow both Messner and President Clinton had been expecting petered out, rumblings about a last resort began those rumblings met resistance from New Attorney General. Janet Reno who liked. The FBI had inherited this mess each time, the F. B. I. proposed military intervention. She asked them why they couldn't wait. Lives had been lost already, and there were innocent children inside the building to her and to President Clinton. It was too great a risk to ignite a violent confrontation, but the FBI commanders had a piece of information that would change her mind Kathy Schroeder. Schroeder had told agents that when she'd gone to say goodbye to David. He'd been sitting in bed with a young girl Mark Bro had told the Waco tribune-herald that these kinds of sleepovers fell into the old testament concept of Abbas. Shag were an elderly King David took young maidens to bed with him to keep him warm. It was classic grooming behavior, getting the child used to the idea of being close to an adult man before pushing her boundaries further as a State Attorney for Dade County Florida. Reno had made a name on her tough prosecution of suspected child molesters, and the idea that Karesh was still abusing children held significant weight with her finally she relented. And so the tear-gas plan the plan the HR had been working on since February twenty eighth was set into motion. Jeff Amar asked Byron sage to speak over the PA system as the armored vehicles closed in just slowly pump in the tear gas at five fifty nine am on April nineteenth nineteen ninety-three sage put in a call to Steve, Schneider the man he'd been speaking with almost daily for nearly two months telling him that the FBI was about to insert nonlethal tear gas into the compound. Schneider hung up abruptly and rush to tell the other branch. Branch Davidians to put on their gas masks. Sage attempted to call the compound again, but one of the c. e.,.

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