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Is the co founder of Yatta beekeepers and looks after around 400 honey producing hives just outside Nairobi in Kenya. The company also provides beekeeping training and equipment. Dale Gibson is also with us. He's an urban beekeeper who started out keeping bees on the roof of his house in central London. And now runs Bermondsey Street bees. Which sounds honey from his 70 hives. And finally, the beekeeper. You've just been hearing hard at work is Ian stepladder. He's a third generation farmer and made this recording just a few weeks ago. Step of farms is a cattle and grain business in Manitoba, Canada, But Ian's job is to look after 1.5 1000 beehives. That's a lot of work, which wasn't his aim back in his student days when he was studying agriculture for Ian and his friends, beekeeping was merely an easy way to get a few course credits. We looked at this course kind of chuckled and said, Oh, yeah? We'll sail through that. But it happened to land on Wednesday and Wednesday evening, in fact, which is pub night on campus, and I was like, Whoa, We can't take this because we can't miss our pub night rate and my body said no, No, no, Ian, Think about this. You know, we can take a beekeeping class. And then we can go to the pub after because we're not going to go too early anyway. So so we took the class gutter credits kind of got the bit of the bug of beekeeping bought four hives. And you know, over the last 22 years, it's grown into 1500 hives right now in a full time job, So that's my story behind it. You got into this out of laziness, basically. Yeah, well, you know, procrastination and laziness and just, you know objectives. Uh, Joanne when you were studying at university as well, he was studying agriculture and economic. So how did you become a beacon? After I finished the course.

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