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Up there brought on millions of dollars of, new money which apparently don't exist to do anything else in government more. Staff and he wants to push through at a very rapid clip A decision to open. This up to more drilling and he's throwing all, environmental standards review process is out the window and I think it's, partly because he knows time is limited up there for him And he wants this to become, his legacy the guy who opened up America's biggest most important wildlife refuge oils really Karen suckling we're speaking. To in Portland Oregon and Yosemite right now. National park thousands of people are being evacuated because of a terrible wildfires I want to ask you about something else that happened in Oregon earlier this month Donald Trump. Pardon Dwight Hammond and his son Steven Hammond to Oregon cattle ranchers who. Were convicted. In two thousand twelve of committing arson and federal lands prosecutors say the Hammond set the fires to cover up, their illegal deer poaching there, conviction sparked armed right wing militiamen. Led by Ammon Bundy to take over the maller national wildlife refuge in Oregon provoking a, forty one. Day armed standoff in two, thousand sixteen can you comment, on this, and what message President Trump was sending with this these pardons This is very disturbing because the, Hammonds not only were arsonists, who set fire to our public. Lands threatening firefighters who were out there but have a long history of threatening? To kill Federal officials and when the Bundy militia group came. Up sport them when they were prosecuted they, came up there with the message of this let's hope the Hammonds but, let's, give all, of America's public lands away industry and state groups and so when Trump is. Pardoning these. People he's really singling sending a signal, to this right wing base to say. Hey, anti government extremism, threats of violence against. Those you don't like against the government are acceptable they're encouraged and in fact. Earlier when he pardoned Joe are Pyo another very controversial action well it turns out Joe are pyro sheriff Joe was also a supporter of, this Bundy group and this radical, violence agenda and I think it goes along with Trump gearing up this. Violent undercurrents in America to support him And to Dr fear into others Last week's supreme court nominee. Brett Kavanagh submitted to the Senate his responses to a lengthy questionnaire is part of the confirmation process responding to a question about the ten most significant cases over which he sat cavenaugh cited his dissenting opinion and white stallion energy center v EPA when she argued that the EPA must consider financial costs when deciding whether to regulate. Emissions from power plants, Kavanagh, wrote in the, question here quote in my view it was unreasonable and therefore unlawful under the administrative procedure act APA not to consider the costs imposed by regulations and determining whether. Such regulations were appropriate and necessary I'm wondering your thoughts on if judge Cavanaugh is confirmed of for the supreme court and what the impact of this would be on environmental laws in the future It would be extraordinary I mean Trump has already had one a pointy an extreme court if he gets the second He will likely be able. To control, the whole judicial agenda for environmental protection, is country that's. Incredibly important because right now The strongest. Most powerful force of resistance against Trump is our legal system and that's. Because everything he wants to do is. A legal the people who put in place like Zinke. Impro- it to carry out his agenda has such disdain for governance they don't even know how. To do governmental process properly so they're, continually sued that. Continually found guilty and that's keeping America on track this. Independent judiciary so if, Trump captures. The supreme court we're gonna find he's got, an open agenda to do, whatever he wants and so it's very very dangerous and disheartening we just have a few seconds but Kieran suckling. Your organization the center for? Biological diversity has sued the Trump administration eighty one times in the last year and a. Half have you had any success Yeah we've actually won most of those cases, it's been about one a week and of those that have. Completed we won most of those cases and it just shows you the. Power of our independent legal system and. Are independent judiciary to address excesses of power even by. The president of the United States okay on suckling we thank you so much for being with. Us from Portland Oregon executive director and, founder of the. Center for biological diversity this is democracy now back thank. You when we come, back as. Records are broken heat records around the country, and around the world we'll, look at a new medical study that indicates suicide will go up by tens of thousands as a result of. Climate change stay with us He'll play Is, your home Rome John Your, friends Around Family No Needs a so Animals.

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