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You have to be rich to get took a Karen. Yeah. Yeah Karen's amazing. She like barely talks. You know that Otis is like you don't speak when I'm speaking. I love unlike most of them in the world. Okay, Otis awesome. Your daughter has your daughter is literally a freak off the leash off. he also was like my daughter like I just come later when he's like I never place he does. Yeah, this is later. So then they all go back to the house. And then Lacey's creep dad is standing in her room and then Heather off like has taken a shower or something in his changing clothes and then Otis doesn't do her the service of leaving her room to like let her change and Heather know that was really I love Heather stripper power move is just like okay fine. Like I'll just change out into my packing clothes in front of this guy like she is no shame about whatever and then Lacey says it's inappropriate for Heather to change clothes in her own room. I was like tell your dad to get the fuck out of your guys bedroom. Yeah make him. Yeah, I would be like you need to leave like feathers change clothes like let's go in the she tried to be like Modest for like she was like, oh sorry. Like I didn't know you guys were in here and then and then yeah, if they're not going to leave like what she going to do. Go back in the Cheeto bathroom and like oil change in that like swampy know she's going to change clothes in her bedroom where she her clothes and belongings on the man. Yeah, and then Otis just like stares her down. She's like, she's like, I've met a million guys like this. Yeah her Then they sit down for a really weird dinner where they all are eating. Like what struck me is very odd is that Brett didn't come to dinner until Thursday people were already dining. Yeah, well, that's Brad classic brat. I don't think Brett can't handle like small talk..

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