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Okay, and improbable has actually competed in the mode, not all these horses have in its very finicky thing when I was talking to Todd Pletcher on Thursday. We asked him how do you prepare for the mud, and he said, he basically basically said you can't these horses either like it or they don't, and you really don't know whether they like it until they're in. And so it just you don't know until the race gets here. Now improbable finished second to Omaha beach in the Arkansas, derby K, Omaha beach is no longer run. Being in the Kentucky, Derby improbable is. So that seems to be a bit of benefit for improbable. If the conditions are what we expect also test this Tacitus who a lot of people are high on here has also been season in the slum. So there you go. That's a for your all of you bet towers out there a little inside baseball. Yeah. You said Tacitus in the guys on in the studio started yellow like talking about ageless male yet. I'm not sure. I'm not sure what happened there a Dina Maryland's, all align like clothes. I was early south with Dana. Dana Maryland's online dean was up. Good morning and Julia show. Talking about alcohol how about hair doll. Oh. Yeah. Hair the dog. That's a great with that is a good one. Kitchen gravy from the south. Okay. Yeah. Business in gravy. Yeah. Biscuits are cornbread. That'd be a good one right core evidence cornbread me get horse's name right corn? Brave. It'd be an awesome force Nate you. You you. Misprint snow. It's Cohen bread. He can't wake up. You know, you can't get him to leave the barn. You know, like Cohn corn bread. We gotta run the Kentucky Derby, biscuits and gravy would be a fantastic night. No. Yeah. No. I like it would you name your horse do? That's a good question. My nickname in college was smiling. Do you know that? That's what my buddies. How the horsemen call me smile. Maybe call it Smilers revenge. I don't it sounded like they should get a pitcher go into Gano together. Oh, Chris house on the line. Chris. Welcome morning McGee. Hey, guys. I was getting sports analysis done. I was getting listening to the wrong show. Yeah. I know. I'm sorry. We don't worry. It's not going to last very long. We'll just talked about a horse named corn bread. That's that's we're we're slowly starting to work away off the rails. While now, I know you're listening to the right show. I listen to you guys every week Dr truck around the country. Thank you rely bucket. My bucket list. The is the Australian Football League grand final. Grand final. Yeah. Their version of the Super Bowl, you you've seen Australian football. If you watched ESPN back in the early eighties, and that's what I grew up. That's why I started watching it while I was like six years old absolutely have led the sport ever since. And my bucket by bucket list is their grand final their version of the Super Bowl every year. Okay. I like buckle at we'll get to the grandpa. I love that. That's the best part of Australia will slip all the officials doing the doing them to guns. Like, no one to score that I love that is the best. This is so much cooler than this. Yeah. Yeah. I was trying to talk my dad, and I would have enjoyed refereeing Georgia football more about I would have enjoyed refereeing Georgia football more if I could have gone. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. That's all his years dad's fill judge is job. He stood on the goalpost on kicks. And he would he's got put his hands up. You try to talk about the doing Travis. And he didn't tell America your horse name. My horse. Name would be Bette. Davis is. Davison greg. Okay. Yeah. Man. That's a good one cume corns. You know what else? I just thought how about how about this? I we even have a song if our horse was named cornbread. We could we could even have our own conduct Kentucky, Derby, sewn. It would be a road through the desert on a horse named Cohen..

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