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Six. Yeah This is ed snider. Host of ti-time twelve twenty. And you're listening to the big band files and all that jazz with doug miles right here on sunday. Twenty w i b q Food like a song Was wrapped nine looks founded that i can speak to him that home. I found. s my cheat to this. Swath spoke Founder jury can speak to a dream that i can call own. I found it to press my cheek to ask smith and G is great to be in late walking my baby back home over manu and find a walk in baby back. We go long harmonizing a song house. Go by and maybe rocking my baby. We stopped for a while. She gives me a smile head on my chest we into pet. And that's when i get her talcum. I asked i trade tied. She has to borrow one kids man. I continue again walking at home. She's afraid of a dog so high have to park outside her door. Tilles light. She says it tried to kiss the she'll cry. I dry all through the night manhattan to we'll barbecue staying right from her way we eat. Send thin it's as you walk in my baby. Talk baby baby. I don't mean maybe you baby bag oh.

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