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Okay. But i'm going to go the dabble in america by kaya. Shaun tait wilson. That's the second time. Someone is mentioned. That i think to redo actually mentioned it when i did. The interview. With her on the podcast. That is such an extraordinary story. I mean of course to nattery and said that i would have said. Go to the good house. You'll be terrified but you'll glad you read it. It's such a good book. I have to say the devil in america has so much and so brilliant because he is doing authentic history and he's doing this incredibly creative spin but he's also telling the truth. You know about african american communities. I think that. I think that as more of us get these. Pwi education's like i did we might lose focus on what after american communities actually look like how mixed day are how creative they are. How closely knit they are. And what happens in and so. It's just incredible. Horror story that i think takes mythologies we don't deal with often and it gives us a chance also take a close in. Yeah that makes sense so what you have out that we can read now. And how can we support you in you sold. My canadian publisher sold the company might the my publisher of novels sold the company to an english company. So double dragon is now published out of canada but out of uk added one-dimensionally and so he has started barely republishing. Some of my novels that have out of print long excited about fitness. And so he started with a trilogy of mine. I'm i'm torn about which one he should've started with but he started with the trilogy. That's where he wanted to start and so the first two books of that trilogy are out so the trilogy is called the books of joy but the first novel in the trilogy is called burning strains and it was written quite some years ago it got an award before it was published now and it was published in i think twenty twelve twenty or twenty twelve. But it's been unavailable for quite some time but it's about a woman in los angeles who goes who inherited the mississippi plantation bad. Her parents send their parents were from and so she discovered she's inherited she decides to leave. La take her teenage daughter and her cousin. A woman who wants to feels like look. I'm i'm very successful. I can do my accounting in banking and hedge funding. Wherever i go and so..

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