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NPR and WBZ Chicago. This is Wait, Wait. Don t tell me the NPR news quiz. I'm Bill Kurtis. We are playing this week with Maeve Higgins, Luke, Burbank and Lacey Mosley. And here he is host so nice. They named him. At once. It's Peter Sagal. Thank you, Bill. Right now. It's time for the wait. Wait. Don t tell me Bluff the listener game Poland. Triple eight. Wait, wait to play our game in the air. Hi. You're on. Wait, Wait. Don t tell me. Hi. This is, uh Kabila. Hey, Turk, How are you? I'm well I'm well excited to be here. I'm excited to have you. Where are you calling from today? I'm actually calling from Atlanta, Georgia. What do you do in that fabulous city, the capital of the South? Happy to say I mean architect, part of the illustrious 2% of black architect in America. Oh, wow. Can you can you tell me like, Tell me your favorite building. So I think my favorite buildings. It's actually a smoothie spots, and it's owned by a young African American sister and her mom and they are the cutest two in the world, right? Well, that's a that's very nice, But I'm sorry. The correct answer was the building that looks like a giant basket in Ohio. Thank you for playing. I'm kidding. I'm kidding. It's great to have you You're going to play the game in which you must try to tell truth from fiction. What is the topic Bill? It's elementary school. Dear Watson. Not childhood filled with snacks, snaps and unsolved mysteries. This week, we discovered the answer to a mystery from childhood that has been plaguing at least some of us For decades. Our Panelists will reveal what mystery was finally solved. Pick the one who's telling the truth. You will win our prize. The weight waiter of your choice on your voicemail. You ready to play? Ready to go. All right. First, let's hear from Luke Burbank. If you're a parent with kids of a certain age, you've no doubt experienced the psychological torture that is the baby shark song. But where did it come from? And why would someone write a piece of music that causes fantasies of steering Your Honda Odyssey into oncoming traffic? Well, according to this week's L A Times. The song was actually created by the government of North Korea back in 1958 as a propaganda tool, praising the dear leader, Kim Il Sung. This is, according to a recent lawsuit filed by North Korea against Pink Fong, the South Korean company that released the popular YouTube version of the song in 2015. According to the suit, the original words were Kim Il Sung. We love you. Yes, we do. Kim Il Sung. We love you. Yes, we do. Kim Il Sung According to the suit, which seeks damages for copyright infringement. The song was actually played in North Korean daycare centers and sung at Children's birthday parties up until the late 19 nineties when then leader Kim Jong Il outlawed it, saying, quote. Even by my standards, making people listen to this song over and over again is cruel and unusual. It turns out the origin of the baby shark Song was as a North Korean piece of propaganda. Your next story of an undone who done it comes from Lacey Mosley. Millennial super fans of that friendly, milkshake loving purple blob grimace from the McDonald's mascot lineup, lost countless hours of much needed sleep over his origin. Was he an alien? Abbas experiment? What? We love him any less. If we knew the truth. Now the mystery is finally solved. But instead of closure, we've got questions. McDonald's franchise manager Brian Bates, from Windsor, Canada, spilled the beans this week, Quote. He is an enormous taste, bud, but it tastes but nonetheless. But does he speak for Ronald? Himself? Well, just the other day, the company teased us by tweeting. It's always what is grimace and never How is grimace as we await for an official confirmation we're left wondering, did base No. Too much respect too soon. If grimace is indeed a taste buds, can he taste you by bumping up against you? And also there is many as 4000 taste buds on a single human tongue. How many more of them are out there? The grimace revealed to be a large ambulatory taste bud with arms. Your last story of a mini mystery solved comes from Maeve Higgins. Children are notoriously small and lazy, and most cannot seem to hold down a job. So how do they afford those push proper bubble things? They all have the tooth fairy. That's how She has been bankrolling kids lifestyles forever. But why is she alone in that Children have forever asked. Where are the others? You lose a tooth. You go to sleep. A fairy leaves you some sweet, sweet, spongy licks. Shouldn't there be a number of other fairies like haircut, fairy and nail tipping? Very even a poop fairy? This weekend, a press conference that stunned the world a woman claiming to be the tooth very revealed that long ago there actually had been a nail clipping fairy and a poop fairy, but that she had murdered them. She then revealed the good news. She would be expanding a woman claiming to be her spokesperson later clarified that the Tooth fairy is hiring a number of apprentice fairies. Applicants have to be invisible. They have to be very quiet and able to fit underneath hair salon doors are in the case of the poop very able to swim up toilet pipes. All right, So here your choices Derek from Luke, It turns out that that baby shark song that nobody can get out of their heads and kids cannot get enough of Was designed to do just that by North Korean propagandists in the fifties from Lacey, the grimace that part of the I don't know McDonald's family of mascots. We don't know what it is, but it turns out all along. It's been a taste, bud or from Maeve. The Tooth Fairy murdered the nail clippings Fairy and the booth ferry. Which is why you don't get Spandau Alex for your nail clippings or your poop. Did I get that right, Maeve? I want to make sure I summarize the story from The New York Times. All right, New York Times, all right. Which of these is the real story of a mystery solved? Yes, I'm gonna go with fun. Do lick. Alright. Alright, man. I admire your spirit, Derek. I do If you're if you've chosen Maeve, then that's what you're going to go is well, to bring you the correct answer. We spoke to someone who was closely involved in solving this mystery. Grievous is a taste bud. At least that's what he's telling us. It is that was Peter Ducky's, A CBC radio host whose interview with the McDonald's manager revealed.

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