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Whitaker. There goes Chuck Whitaker. Alright, you wcbm Weather Channel forecast cloudy and foggy today possible straight shower But drive this afternoon I can hear him Sunshine Wolf! Yes, we can hear you. So go ahead, Chuck. Give us the traffic. Can you hear me now? Yes. Good morning. Delicate As I said once again. Warning shot. Good morning. Good morning brought to use the service of their properties, creating homes for businesses Since 1967 the wreck on the parkway after Powder Mill Road is gone. There was another accident in the back up and it appears to be South. Of 1 97. Because that section now is more stop and go as you're moving self, but at least some progress after Powder Mill Road, Ritchie Highway Cypress Creek Road, the accident. Still there, There's a big wreck, and Montgomery Callie's cell found on to 70 had exit 10 before you get to the capital Beltway at married properties. They're delivering a better work day in and around Colombia. With flexible office space is awesome Amenities an award winning in house teams to design and build out a new home for your business. All the information right there at Columbia office faced calm. I'm sure quicker with traffic and weather on the threes on talk radio 6 80 doubled you see BF Weather channel as we mentioned cloudy, foggy to start today, maybe a shower but later on sunshine 66 for the high It'll be clear cold tonight. 42 on then partly cloudy tomorrow and 62 right now it's 54 in Parkville, 54 in Pasadena and coming up next time far. Well, it's time to cancel council culture. Hi, honey. My mother called. She is coming to town to stay. The house is a complete mess. Calm a pro. May Pearl. You know how picky your mom is. Check out there. 49 Point checklist on made pro dot com They do a detailed cleaning every time made product. Hamas easy just.

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