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So quiet, and it's a super rich area that lay, and then the a reporter goes and finds a neighbor, so this white guy standing there with a mask on total Chad looking like normal guy and the second. The clip starts. Get Mad. I'm like. Of course you find this guy that's gonNA start complaining how he was his driveway news, too. So you're like. Oh, you're gonNA find the most fucking right well. A Fox News affiliate. As opposed to the network yet, but She says. What do you think about all these people in what they're trying to she the way she asked the question I didn't love. This man, then in the plainest clearest way explains why it's happening, and basically says when you steal the land from the native people and build a country on the backs of black people, and take away all their freedom and abused them, and don't give them equal rights, and then you have a president. Who let's this I mean he basically lays it out. clearly unequivocally. Yes, in this way where I was like cool, are you? That's when you start to see. That that's the. Yeah. That's your average person on the street that we're all kind of watching these same videos and going holy fucking. Shit we can't. Be this way anymore. I think that's what I like to think. That it's input for every one of those I see I see when I see white people. Rioting spray painting, fucking stealing shit I I get my blood boils. That's not sure we're not there to do that. We're there to support. People of Color stand behind them. Stand in front of them when they are being attacked. By the fucking riot police yeah, we're superiors. Were support right? There's many people who theorized that the idea. Their agent provocateurs. They're there to actually do it to make it worse and everyone I hope saw that video of those suck and girls. That were spray painting the front of the starbucks. Yeah, yeah, and that woman walks up in is like what the Hell you doing Gimme that and then they bitch at her, and I was like those two girls are not the kind of people. I know that go to protest there something else, because why the fuck are you doing that? Like? What are you doing and then if someone comes up and goes, don't do that. You'd go. Oh I, sorry. I Base. If you're of a certain mindset, you'd say sorry, and they were just like basically you. This isn't mass destruction. There's a fucking reason that you should be there. And there are things you can do to be supportive at the same thing happened in the fucking sixties and the seventies with Vietnam protests. They'd send that fucking. FBI and CIA was and fucking you know. Undercover agents to fuck shit up gave them excuse to kill people at ten states who fucking fire rubber bullets into. You know to make to make the. Middle Conservative people hate. They saw and hate it. Because it's is, it's about optics, but. What I think is fascinating, is you cannot you can't. It's very difficult now to argue with these objects when there are. Fifty s like basically they look like storm troopers standing at the Lincoln. Memorial what that visual is just like we are now in Dystopia in America that everyone's been holding their breath about, and that's why all of this is I..

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