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On Monday. You know, he's open to taking your phone calls. You can have a conversation with me on Twitter that's BW Weber, Webber with two B's getting closer to our number two of the program, thus far it's been nothing but NFL. We're gonna keep that going, talking Denver Broncos football and Russell Wilson presently will start our number two of the show trying to get a handle on the future of two a ton of violet and then we will incorporate our first guest coming up at one 20 Eastern Time. Take you around the NFL with Mike Jones national football writer for the athletic I will address some NBA coming up and I can let you know there's another wrinkle involving tonight's Thursday night matchup details coming up. A reminder, this NFL postseason every Westwood one NFL broadcast streams live for free. The wild card round, the division round, AFC, and NFC championship games, the Pro Bowl games, and Super Bowl 57. Thursday Night Football was already filled with uncertainty when it comes to who's going to be on the field for your Tennessee Titans, who have completely imploded. They've lost 5 straight, but because they had such a robust lead within the division, they will still have the opportunity to win the division title. Next week, winner take all when they take on the surging Jacksonville Jaguars. So understanding from a playoff consequential standpoint, there's no meaning for Tennessee tonight and given the injuries they were already dealing with, Mike were able has made it very clear this is going to be a glorified pre season game because I figured we get another look at Malik Willis, who has struggled as many rookies do. Now, if you watch more than the red zone and I do my best to pull up highlights and just get an eyeball summary of a player, I don't hand out grades. I'm not breaking down tape, but will this has looked overmatched? Still, young player hard to learn on the job, but he's had some very rough games. So I guess I should not be overwhelmed with the news that was announced within the last 15 minutes. Josh dumbs starting tonight for Tennessee. Now, it's a good human interest story. And Al Michaels must be losing his mind even more. Al's been a little bit cranky on Thursday Night Football and he's the best in our industry and the best of all time. I think when it comes to calling football, certainly right there with baseball, but you go from the Sunday Night schedule. The best games every week to the floss and jetsam of Thursday Night Football. At least from a standpoint of having the fans in Tennessee having a reason to cheer tonight, you probably recall Josh jobs was a terrific college football player in the SEC for the Tennessee balls, making his first career start tonight I recall when I was deeply involved in the path to the draft he was selected by the Steelers wound up with the Lions, what's it mean? Tennessee's going through the motions tonight. Now, the counter is back ups are highly motivated. We have seen Dallas within the last month play down to the competition as recently as that game against Houston. They tried 7 different ways to lose it. So I'm not telling you not to watch. I'll be watching my job after all. If you're inclined to maybe enjoy other things, I'm back tomorrow. I'll give you the takeaways. I don't break games down. I'm trying to tell you what's important from whatever happens on the field. And we'll talk more about Dallas and how much I actually believe in them, which I can't believe I'm saying as I'm trying to be objective given all of the reasons Dallas has given us over the years to come to the conclusion they are frauds. Ben a horrible year for the Denver Broncos and a real departure from their proud history and you have to take a step back in one term, how much of the decline of Russell Wilson can we blame on a coach who from day one looked like he had no earthly idea of what he was doing. And I'm not trying to take shots in Nathaniel Hackett, but when you have that mental lapse week one against Seattle and you're playing for a 67 yard fuel goal, spite the fact that the franchise went all in with draft capital and when it comes to scratch giving Russell Wilson a contract on paperwork 240 million, the guarantees more like one 60, but still huge money. Why don't you use him especially in his homecoming back to Seattle? Try to have him make a play instead, you're selling for a 67 yard field goal at things hit rock bottom last week against the rams with Baker Mayfield scoring half a hundred the sidelined verbal altercation, the fight with Randy Gregory postgame. It was time for Hackett to go. So, here is the real question based on whomever takes that job. And if you follow all the NFL insiders that come to mind, Ian rappaport, Adam Schefter, Jay glazer, there is a degree of speculation unless Sean Payton is just negotiating through the press that he doesn't want that job in Denver. Because he views it as no win because he thinks, at this stage, although he's only 34 years old, Russell Wilson may not be fixable. And that's really the entire thrust of what's going to happen for the Broncos moving forward. Now, a legitimate head coach can solidify that locker room because clearly there are major divisions going on within the roster in Denver. Part of that comes down to the veterans looking at Hackett saying, this guy is my boss. Not gonna happen. I'll see you later. All right, co jacket, be good. So you have to have a grown-up in the room. Is that Dan Quinn? Is that Jim Harbaugh? And I'm gonna spend a lot of time talking about horrible future, both today and tomorrow because I don't think it was a coincidence that he had the interview with the Vikings last year on the record officially we knew it occurred, even though Michigan finally made it to the playoffs and they're back this year, getting set to take on TCU on Saturday. Whoever it is, can you coach up Russell Wilson? And I'm not sure. And sometimes you do have to trust your rise because we saw this from Russ at the end of his run in Seattle, go back to the COVID season, first half, 2020. Remember we were talking about Russ finally winning the MVP. He got hurt, never looked the same last year was riddled with inconsistency and this year has been a disaster. So we can go through all the names, and that's a fun time of the year to kick around, who might be going where I have empathy for everyone who might be fired, but it's the cycle within that profession. But whomever it is and paint makes a lot of sense based on Russell's own perception that Drew Brees was his favorite player growing up because they're both not tall. I'll go with diminutive. Well, is anything really going to change because unlike Drew Brees, Russ is not a prototypical drop back quarterback. He's had his best on the move. He doesn't move that well anymore. He got old in a hurry. Now, if you're a rush fan of the pushback would be a fill and hack, whoever you are, to look at that offensive line, what's he supposed to do? I get it. Not saying his career is over. I'm saying, I think it's a bigger, more of an ask, a fixer upper project that is larger

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