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The best thing I heard from a CR- I spoke to was when youtubers I started creating content. They became accidental entrepreneurs. Julia Alexander is a reporter for the verge. She's had a lot of conversations with youtubers because for them when they started uploading a lot of them weren't expecting to be paid. They were uploading to Youtube. And the way that we upload to tick Talker instagram. The minute that Youtube started handing out avenue and that editor of new started to grow they became accidental entrepreneurs when it becomes your fulltime job so that the conversation summer season changes from. Hey I really love uploading content and making videos to. I'm being screwed over by this company that I never intended to work on or four in the first place so it's become a really interesting cultural shift. That has happened so incredibly fast. Like we're talking seven eight years Julia Alexander Zander you cover youtube and you wrote about this fifteen billion dollar figure that was announced this week and in your store you had a great line that I really liked and it read. Creators creators are the beating heart of Youtube but advertising is the blood that flows throughout so how have creators reacted to this fifteen billion dollar number. There's been a little bit of a mixture action but I would say the strongest is that now that they can see the fifteen billion dollar ad revenue. The biggest complaint complaint is. Why haven't we seen that? They want more of it. Is I think the best way to put it. They saw tim billion dollars in revenue and they said did we are the reason that has coming to your platform. We create the videos that bring viewers in and yet. I'm still struggling to pay rent or I'm still figuring out how to pay for meals so youtube give me more money okay. So content creators were like fifteen billion dollars. This is great. Why aren't we getting more? The feeling for a lot of the creators of coming in the last few years is we are driving one of the greatest And biggest video platforms sites on the Internet. Youtube is monopolized video-on-demand the on demand video on the Internet and that's all because of content creation that they put in only are they saying. Hey we deserve more. You need to give us more because we create the content that brings effort has to you. But they've also dealt with a lot of major issues that they're saying hey you've also kind of screwed us over a lot in the the last four years. What exactly do you mean when you say that creators are saying you've screwed us over the last four years? What what has youtube done to change the way that content creators make their money right so the best way to a two yard kind of run through it is People never paid attention to Youtube Peterson's to as a company. They paid attention to his big website but they never really looking at where. Advertisers ads were landing on youtube videos. Coz Thousand Sixteen late two thousand sixteen early two thousand seventeen a number of stories out that are saying their ads on videos related to terrorism content there are decides on kind of really disturbing children's videos and then in early tillerson seventeen the biggest youtube creator of all time Pudi Pie the whilst journalist that comes out and says hey there's an ad running on these videos he's making lots of money and he just put up with antisemitic. Imagery from that point forward. Youtube is kind of living in this dated gate crisis situation work every single day. Now that people are paying attention. They're noticing their advertisements on videos. That shouldn't shouldn't have advertisements because of ethical moral reasons so youtube starts to integrate new policies. I mean we're talking. Ton Policies Thirty forty policies that they're in implementing being in order to ensure that advertisers feel comfortable running ads on their platform. So it's prioritizing advertisers comfort as opposed to content creators and how much money they're bringing in right and this is the head to head that youtube executives including ceus ski and creators themselves have constantly we had where the executives have said we care about our creators but also we need advertised on the platform. Big thing that happened was called the apocalypse so it looks like there's this this thing called at Pakalitha Youtube Apocalypse is here. Oh no the ad pockets effectively shutdown advertising on their main enchants. This is apparently how youtube sauce problems by panicking and either demonetizing or banning people in order to cater to a few and this is what the creators refer to twenty seventeen after you tomato changes creators. Were talking big and middle saw haege fluctuations in the revenue pulling seventy to eighty percent of revenues gone and so they had to start figuring out how to supplement. It's a lot of them. Went to pitch you on lower than we're looking at brand deals which is now the state of Youtube existent because from that period too now the reality is is that many creators have said to themselves and publicly to their viewers. You have to subscribe to me. You have to have to do these brand deals. Here's what you're gonNA see more ads that I'm talking about because I can't live off advertising going youtube because it's changed and when you say brand deals you mean content creators talking about products in their videos as opposed to just relying on the ads that run either in the middle of a video or at the beginning at the end right one of the most popular creators right now. Is this flogger named David Dope wreck. If you don't know me because I'm a piece of shit he was just recently Jimmy Fallon check out on Youtube Channel Donald. He's kind of one of the most mainstream youtubers right now. He lost a huge one of his ad revenue because his videos were deemed advertiser unfriendly friendly fraud. Fact about every time record my always have to record or from the waist up because he's always giving a blowjob. She swears them. Sometimes they do stunts which are a big big deal now on youtube in terms of what advertisers feel comfortable with He's parties a lot and so while that was okay when he started. He could make attribute that no longer is sued if you look at his videos over the last year he's got deals with seatgeek which is a company that does concert tickets He's got deals with everyone else and he will stop in the middle of the video to go. Okay Hey this is the only reason we can do this video because we're being sponsored by this company. That's how he supplementary living what's up guys before this video continues super excited announce that I'm officially partnering with. EA on their new game need for speed heat. They just launched a new APP called very wealthy. He's very successful. He's kind of the top top one percent but it just goes to show that if David Hilbert who is. Who's making these videos? Does that bring in ten or eleven. Million views can't make it off advertising revenue alone anymore. What does that say for youtubers? Who Bring in fifty thousand views or one hundred thousand views? They just can't live often so juliette take back to the beginnings of Youtube Partner Program. How did content creators make money back then? So Youtube First Entries Partner Program back in two thousand seven. This was after a youtube. Just kind of launched Google had just acquired them and what happened was viral videos started becoming viral viral and Youtube said. You know we're going to give you a penny for you. Doing this and people are like I want money. If I'm getting thirty million views on David after dentist it's Oh live. This is real life kind of an old school video. Charlie bit my finger when you say I love those videos by twenty twelve. I would argue twenty twenty two creator start becoming fulltime and they start realizing there's enough advertisement revenue coming into the platform. There's enough interest that the top hop creators could say. Hey I'm making enough. That can get an apartment or I can get a house somewhere in the Midwest so the best way to think of how. U2 creators make money and how it all works to think of it as as a cycle Creators upload videos to Youtube viewers than flock to the platform advertisers. Come to you. Because that's where the audiences youtube gives creators a portion of that advertising revenue extremely important to entice them to continue uploading on Youtube and not anywhere else And Creator stay on Youtube because it's the best platform to receive advertising money even though the actual may they're getting is not as great as it could be and does everybody get the same amount of money per views across the board or does or is it different depending on the crater. Yeah it fluctuates. So the term is c. p. m. refers to how much you get per thousand views and it changes depending on the Creator top creators who get a lot more than smaller creators. The thing that we talked about a lot I talk a lot with creators. That I talked to is is the one percent of critters. Top one percent get the most advertising revenue. They tend to get the best advertisements. They're part of what's known as Google's preferred program They're getting in top top deals and all the creatures talked to understand that it's they're driving the majority of us Pity Pie who's not in go preferred. Because he's very controversial and to actually doesn't make a lot of advertising revenue because these are not advertisement friendly. He drove like four billion views to youtube last year alone. So there's a there's a section of critters that youtube goes. We want them to down site. We need them to produce because we can show them off and advertisers can advertise on on their videos and has that changed over time. Is it still that kind of tiered. System and in a payment intended to keep these content creators on Youtube one hundred percent is for. I would argue the vast majority of craters the the issue that we talk about a lot In the space ace is that critters want to leave youtube there. They would leave tomorrow if they could. There's just no competition Amazon which owns twitch so do they have twitches a platform but that's live streaming it's two different skills their crypto currency video platforms where you go and you kinda earn bitcoin and it just gets really complicated Youtube Youtube for all the negative about it still pays creators quite frankly the most and the most efficiently to just upload videos But because they have this anomaly the get to what creators view as take advantage of them and they can. Will you have to be here. 'cause there's nowhere else for you to go. Julia Alexander is a reporter for the verge. This is reset and I'm Arial Ross. If you WANNA follow me on twitter you can find me at eighty or s you can also reach the reset team by emailing reset at. Vox Dot Com. We publish episodes three times a week on Tuesdays Thursdays and Sundays. So if you haven't already subscribe to the Pod you can find us on apple podcasts. Stitcher or in your favorite podcast APP. 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