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It? A proposal that your husband, who was so talented was the guy who ran through and produced the sequel to Some of Chandler's work, the unfinished work right, and he he wrote his, You know, with Philip Marlowe, the great detective. So he had the neck of paying tribute to other writers, So it's appropriate that other writers pay tribute and follow along with him. I think so. And of course, it's commonly done now and Particularly in his case. Bob's case with Chandler home he admired so greatly when the estate contacted Bob and said. We have. I think it was only 16 pages of Poodle Springs that Chandler had started. And they're a request of Bob was touching in that because she was such a hero to Bob. Woz that they perceived him as the logical heir to Raymond Chandler and his work and would he finished school spring? Which, of course he jumped at that chance, So I know in the 1st 16 pages, Chandler had married off Mollo. And Bob said, it's completely counter to what I would have done with Milo. But now I'm stuck with it because he's married him off to him to a woman who was not such pleasant woman, but Be incorporated in the whole rest of the book, which which he did. Andre then subsequently I think it was her chance to dream. All of that, which was written in the style of Chandler and also for Baba. Greater Oh, Marge, so his hero worship of Raymond Chandler. My guest.

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