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Radio 700 wlw school. He's known for calling the miracle and I said, like Placid and is currently partner with former Bangle Cris Collinsworth on Sunday Night Football broadcast Now the once reds announcer Is being honored for many of the older Reds fans who grew up in the tri state. It is their most memorable radio highlight of all time. Thank you very home on the last year, it's wonder, right. The game is tied. Now. Michael's provided the call of benches, game tying home run in Game five, the 72 playoffs and he's going into baseball's Hall of Fame. Michael's the 2021 40 freckle ward winter. He was a play by play Man in Cincinnati in the early seventies before Marty Parliament. Michaels joins printed in the broadcast wing of the Hall of Fame. Former Reds broadcasters Red Barber, Al Helfer and Russ Hodges have been inducted as well. Brian Copes NewsRadio. Seven W W Marnix Update is a 12 30. I'm Sean Gallagher News radio 700 WLW You wanted to see Miss women Have you been hearing about the new government modernization efforts? Ai Arpaio's data science Things are changing at this agency. And people will need new skills. I'd like you to get some training. Look at this management Concepts catalog. Wow, over 275 courses. That's right, and local classrooms or instructor let online classes. We still have budget in this fiscal year, so sign up online advice. Into your career with courses from management concepts. Get a catalog of management concepts dot com or call 833578 84 66 with.

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