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Well, there's this new research that came out this week. That's pretty darn interesting to me. Tulane university. Assistant professor Damien Murray. And with a group from UCLA? Have some new biological evidence? To show how falling in love can influence immune system in a positive way. Now, this research was done women. So this is particularly good news for women. Listen up ladies, what they found in their research was that women who fell in love had increased activity of genes that involved antiviral defenses compared when when they began the study. Now, here's the interesting thing about this study. So it was a twelve month study. And that's a pretty long study when you're doing things like drawing blood on a regular basis. It was a study of undergraduate and graduate students were who participated. It was only women forty seven women completed this research that did include drawing blood every other week and filling out questionnaires about how's your life? On Tinder these days. Have you met anybody? What's happening, right. And I'm sorry. They participated in the study for a total of twenty four months. Now, the drawbacks to the study. It was relatively small. I mean, can you say forty seven women are exemplary of the entire culture at large. No, no. But the length of the study that's pretty big. And the fact that they had not just self reports. Like, I feel healthier. I haven't had cold in months. You know, you always got question. Self report studies 'cause people lie a lot. But this was you know, draw the blood and have a look at the immune system. Another small drawback, but only small in my head is that it was a paid study. They paid the participants. Hey, come on they're taking their blood every other week. This a big commitment. They're filling out questionnaires you better. Give me a little something something for that. That's what I would say. So I don't think that that necessarily skewed the results. So what they found is that women who did not fall in love during the twenty four months of the study did not have these new antiviral defenses. So. This could reflect a kind of proactive response to anticipating future intimate contact. I'm reading study given that most viruses are spread via close physical content contact. Okay. So basically, they're saying is which came first the chicken or the egg falling in love means that you're now exchanging bodily fluids is a hope you are. I hope you're kissing and getting somebody else's germs in their saliva. So what does that mean? It means that your body is going to have to produce more white blood cells, by the way, do you know, why women like to kiss more than men? So in our anthropological past women and probably today. Women use the taste of saliva and the smell of Ramones to determine how healthy a man was. And there's research around pharaoh moans and immune systems. If you've heard me talk about it before, you know about it. It is that the more disparate different. Somebody's immune system is from you. The more deliciously. They were s- they will smell to you. And the better the sex will be and here's why. So when you meet somebody, and you mate, you might take Brown eyes from one long legs from another curly hair from another except immune systems, they combine to create a stronger human. And that's mother nature's way they do it through sexuality. Smart mother nature of making somebody smell, absolutely delicious. Think about it. Think about the person that you look back on that you had the best sex within your life. I bet you're gonna remember delicious smell so. These researchers follow these forty-seven women for almost two years, and they found that those who fell in love had better immune system function. So what does this safe to us? What is this telling us? Well, basically, we're learning all the various mechanisms biological and psychological of why relationships make us stronger, I do an exercise with my students, and I want you guys to do it right now unless you're driving if you're driving do not do this right now. Okay. But if your home if you're anywhere where you can be calm and close your eyes, and like you to close your eyes, and I want you to think about some person in your life that you had a secure attachment with. It might have been a parent a sibling, a lover, an anti a grandma, and I want you to rest your head on their chest and listened to their heartbeat and feel their arms around you. And be still and go into that place that imagine tariff magic machination place. Here their heartbeat smell their deliciousness, and relax and sink into it. Guess what your body right now is releasing my favorite hormone, the one with its own nickname, the cuddle hormone oxytocin. That's what your member thing. And because the brain actually doesn't know the difference between imagination and reality you can get a little dose of it just by being alone. Now does this mean this is a replacement for a good healthy connection? No way. Jose is not a replacement at all this just to let you know why? And how relationships are particularly good for our health, and why I studied health psychology as much as I study relationships science when we come back positive psychology. It's an area of psychology that is blowing up right now focusing on your strengths. And I'm gonna tell you how you can get in the flow and get the benefits of positive psychology. You are listening to the doctor Wendy Walsh show here on KFI AM, six forty. You can follow me on social media pretty much anywhere. The handle is at DR, Wendy Walsh. We'll be right back. I'm Dr Wendy Walsh. I'll be right back. But first layer parole. You've got some news for us. I do President Trump's approval rating is on the rise. 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