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Me that he wants to get into chronologies. You're not transitioning to female. It's fucking blood test. It's so funny. pretty upfront. All listen to brian calvin anything except for standup outside that. Let's not yeah helix. Jack looks amazing. He probably feels amazing to mess with your energy level. Though i'm tie right now. Are these fights cars on you. Blow your fucking hair back. Fund main event though zero. Take down this hallway. Strickland is a fun. Fun fucking fight. I know they're both on four fight win streak out say sean strickland's a little more impressive. You get your your house run off. The you know with anderson silva and then with chris widens lake fallen off. You know okay in before they get knocked up by pol coast kosta I would love to see him and izzy fight to me. It'd be like a dream fight. I dunno if we're going to see it. I don't know if it's passed strickland. Strickland's a fucking dog man stricken his striking's good fundamentals are good. He don't do anything. Fancy like your eye but look at look at that run man is runs a little more impressive than your eyes. i'll take strickland via either late stoppage or decision. And that's if he doesn't get hit with some weird fucking spinning back kick. That's the thing about your is. It sucks to bet against your because like the move saucy fire somebody like he lands one of those weird fucking. He'll kick some. It's game set match and strickland has been hit by one of those before chance happen again. Not good The only part of me that wants you ride a win. It's because i'd love to see him verse busy. So you're i'd have strickland fight at two more times busy but the tough one for your house a tough match-up for him not too crazy card now. I don't know i'm always that's cool. And there's a bell tour you know about this. Yes at aj on food truck. Aj mckee His father's mma royalty age as a fucking stutman. You know he's grown up in front of our eyes on bela or he was the young kid in the gym. And now he's he's the man he is the man To me you know. It's a tough fucking fight for. Aj you know the pit bulls a monster. But i just aj's beg he's unpredictable. You can't really bring anybody into the training camp to mimic. Aj so he does. I give him the upper edge there. he has this confidence about him. It's not a cockiness. It's this weird arrogance of a guy who you know who's never lost in just gonna pull it off things. It's his time and you got to wonder. Is it his time you know. How long can the pit bull carry on like this man you know. He's been fighting for a hot second at the highest level is a guy a young wine like ag mckee's he the next in line. I did pick. Aj to win the whole thing so mistake by that. I'll take aj in the that. I the odds are almost even. Do we have our exchange. Warm up now saiga plaza. Yes base even money. Yeah that's a tough fight call man. And that's in la at the four-man we're not bunch of boys. All all you going to here. I assume yep Yeah i picked to win. I'm i'm gonna stick by the aj train right now. I think aj gets done. I'll say via decision you know i'll say. Aj tko sorry aj thank you. I'm not gonna give you around. I'm not that good. I'll say age a a tko. Tough fucking trained for men. If the pit bulls been the face about for a hot second. Be good for switch it up new blood in there there have to rematch which pippa deserves age. Acc and win that fight. Get the million dollars and buy my car. So that's cool as the bad idea with your money. Do you want your car. Looks insane by the way so it went through a little transformation. Got it wrapped this new video. Think boy it covers all of it. Youtube thick boy. Yeah it looks sick. What do jeremiah say you turn the old into a porsche. You wild and bro interesting. It's pretty cool video. Yeah on instagram. L. done yeah. They switched out the logo. That everything he can't you can't hear the music on what you're worried. Just worried i feel you. Yeah that's it man that. Is it new up soda to one cave thompson. girl just went live as well me. My boy tommy. Tommy genes.

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