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Be what it is is like you know. I wanna matter whether other doing doing magic reconfirming alley confirming. Ben is going to be the source of pre owned. Watch of madness doctor. Strange in writing that takes over at. Let me throw this idea. What if what we're seeing here again. That first twenty minutes role. And what the real thing that we're gonna get is actually going to be that the real villain is gonna be madam well. Not matt webb isn't the villain. But it's going to be that console with madame web. And there's gonna be a whole thing peter you're you aren't just a mutant spider spiderman mutate. You're of the you're part of the cosmic web and the sputter coating are going to buy war. We'll know but then again that's what we can see all these kinds of things. But you know i mean that could be and that could be it. You know so like right now. I'm looking for madame web. I'm looking for the things that we haven't seen yet. That are gonna be way more important than what they're just spoon-feeding us because other doing this is food feeding us. Oh you theory future. He's you messiri. Oh by the way report. But i'm just saying. I i get. This was really made to exit unless the unless this was a real league and it was meant to be the third trailer. I get the feeling. This is all meant to be misdirection. Marvel won't misdirect you. As an example we know that we saw the halting infinity war. Wouldn't it be great you. It's like oh no. We only digitally using him for the trailers in the movie. He's old alfred molina. He's just this is ball. No i would love. It was like it. just don't college. His college professors is in college. Now you know and it's like oh pita low little arms and you could do the same origin right again. It's like keeps on happening now. They need to do female off. And i know she's already in the. Mc you but you know who they need for female catherine on oh. She's already but you know. Well that's that's going from the fox verse to this goggles. On her way who he'll they'll never tell the difference. That's another thing that we are talking about to connect after that disaster nineteen eighty-four is that i like tacos. Yes you know in all forms. Actually hit some columnists. It made false. Your max max non-study well that is you know that was the biggest deal and splitting verse was had a relationship. You know you on alexander. Who's you're smelling because dogs. Oh okay look what we're gonna catch could be any number. I would love to see. Jason alexander in the eu. Going to be superior jerry superior. Just because it's my own thing i would love to see your seven sander as mississippi as well Okay serenity serenity. Now peter's ready now always like is portrayed as kind of a a schlub that is that's very disconcerting profile. It's the whole colombo thing. It's how he gets you gonna outsmart satan and he's one more say georgia i'm get or did he. Just talk georgia to have sniff. Hubris and to live his whole lighting. I'm the greatest fighter that i beat the devil all of his relationships as he's just talking about how he sort of with the wheels within wheels keep beat the devil. They didn't count all the votes. Can that enroll comex lowly comics corner. Really I read all my comic books this week. I'll be honest all right. Let's do this l. Cures charlie's going to think of this because i know will is gonna roll her eyes. I know she read it. Amazing spider man. seventy two. i do not really yet. the pistou reveal guests reveal. Well it's it's the i mean unless they're going to go a different direction rather red red-herring or not but it seems. They seem like they're painting. It's like thank you thank you but no. It seems like back in the day norman. Osborn wasn't doing good in business until he makes deal with fish though and now all of a sudden that's when strong mendel strong gets arrested for embezzlement. And that's when they know. Norman osborn become some kind of now successful businessman. He makes a fist in what. What does he bargain with mart his his his child. Yes.

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