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The. Welcome to the row report with wral Garmon. Well, Hello there, boys and girls. Welcome to the Ralph is court for eighty Thursday. It is February twenty first so happy to have you joining us today. I cannot tell you how big today show is a huge voice. You hear by the way. I am remiss for not introducing the vice host himself, Mr. pants. Hey, everybody. I, of course, I'm your old podcast Powell Ralph Garman. Yes, Eddie, it is massive massive. Let me tell you the content. We have lined up for today's show. Not only is it Thursday. That means another visit to the classrooms of Ralph sex university where we will be talking about triad three people in a romantic slash sexual relationship. Triples through rumble troubles. That's right. That's right is what they call themselves or the comes up. Strangles triads is whole bunch of stuff. We'll get into that. Last night was the premiere of a brand new season of survivor Manso Carey, and I will be sitting down to break down that for with the survivor report as well as all the usual stuff, including some of Eddie's drunk thoughts. So as you can see we are packed to the gills impact with show today. So let's get right to it. As you know, we love to hear from you. There are several ways you can contact us here at the Ralph report, you can write us an Email if you're an old fashioned. You can take out an e man lick stay up put a stamp on it and send it on over Ralph at the report dot com is my address Eddie at the Ralph report dot com, if you wanna converse with vice host Steve at the Ralph report dot com, if you have an idea for ask Brit or anything at all. And then of course, you can always leave us a voicemail message twenty four hours a day seven days a week. On the Ralph report hotline. It's pretty easy. Do is dial one eight three three. It's just that simple. If you're in another country, if you're not in the United States or Canada, just jump on Skype and use their keypad punch that in and that'll get you to as well, we love it when you leave the messages besides reading every single Email, and I do I also listen to every single mail. So even if you don't hear it here on the show, please know that I got your message, and I do appreciate it. But I do grab a handful each and every day, and I throw them onto the front of the show in a segment we call lovingly Garmin on the line. The. A lot of people when they leave voicemail messages, have suggestions have requests have ideas of complaints. But in called just to say this higher L E N two star general from up in Santa Cruz listening to Wednesday morning soda, and I just wanted to call you let you know doing. All right. You mean clock we're doing all right? Good to know. That is a nice message to get because we do slave away here on the route for port for as little as fifteen cents a day. If I've ever mentioned that I never heard that. And to have someone called to say, hey at a boy nice job little Patton the but nothing wrong with that or a little pep talk. Thank you. I appreciate that. Eric also called in with a great idea this sprung from the fact, we did a deep dive a couple of weeks ago on the TV series theme song from match. Remember, we talked about the lyrics to and where it came from suicide is painless is the name of that song. And he had an idea that sprung from that. Hey, Ralph nutty, this is Eric in Rochester, New York, and yes, it's fucking cold here. Yeah. I love the show. The reason I'm calling is. I really enjoyed the deep dive you did on the mashing song. I've heard you lament the lack of theme songs today shows, and I'd love hear recurring segment of the greatest TV theme song show of all time or. At least maybe a best tree where street from unity either way low. You mean it by that's a great idea that idea we should do a segment about our favorite. Tv theme. Saw. I would love to do that. Let's do that on Monday. We'll plan on that for Monday show at will break down our three favorites. And then later on in the week. Maybe we'll hit up our three least favors. I always hated will the world don't road to the beat of just one fucking different strokes that was repugnant. So there you go teaser. Okay. What I'll be talking about sometime later next week. We also got this call and this made my day because when we do the segment like we do on Wednesdays of one hit wonders, my hope is always that playing that song will jar a memory from somebody's past that haven't thought about that song in year. And they hear us talking about on the show, and it gives them a smile. Such was the case with our man Alec era, Salik only talking shit that you blow my fucking mind with that popcorn. One have wondered I remember that song from like preschool or fucking kindergarten or something like twenty five ish years ago. I remember celebre reason teacher would play that song a lot whenever we like the play or something much shed a playlist of some sort of always seem to fuck and come on. And I was a kid. I was a Asari awesome. And at some point I started to think that it was just. Faking didn't exist and there it is. Solve the twenty five year riddle. Love you, Alex. They're thinking that he imagined that song as a little child going play to popcorn. And then he heard at twenty five years later and all those memories came flooding. That's what it's good for home on that is an achievement that I will carry with me for the remainder of my life. You're welcome Alec. That was awesome. Also, love it. When folks contribute to the show via jingles and songs and some little Diddy. They put together, and that's what our good friend bond. Jan bonded. We were talking yesterday about Eddie pences chair. I have this is the second chair of had to buy for Eddie because his ass is so special could it needs. I like how you shift the blame onto me. I'm Jay saying that people complain that Eddie's chair wasn't up to snuff. And so I got a chair, but I didn't do my due diligence. And so the chair really wasn't really grown man sized. So I had to get a sick and share. And now, I think it's okay. I. I had to share with the first share. This is technically my third share on this show. That's true. I've only had one tier Eddie's had chairs to show you the rank of who's who around here. This is at he's third chair. We think this is the keeper anyway Janna did a song to celebrate. Eddie's. New chair. He's

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