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The kickoff was a short one ohio state gets the ball there was grabbed by mike weber added return asia so it's first out intent or stayed we're going to check it would even after this first here for the law update from the coaches named berit works out of the gut and ahead dr datta trip tucker drop abc give it the thirty seven yard wide as we go downstairs the applauded michigan state head coach morgan tonio going into halftime we said his guys are played at the end of the clock they are not going to quit and all they have to do is try and win every single snap you can't try and win the entire second half of the ballgame on one particular point and they're going to run to the flat what's up we're going to have a horse power tackle that was marcus blah the tied down the receiving end of the tossed by barrett no other going to talk things over here wait for the call michael cannons are referee personal fast defence fifty entitling nick first out so it's on dull cows thursday gene it tonio was about is angry disappointed any agitate you can come up with that is negative that was the look on his face and that was the tone in his voice but he said his guys are not going to quit they're going to fight to the tail till the clock hits zero guy so they'll expect these guys to lay down disappointment is obvious because this is their shot this was their shot to get into the big ten title game but i actually think back to throw lots of time looks it down there right sidelined out of us lagerald vick but guys just not the case foot ties sparrow forty one the suit senior quarterback and go right contiguous this is the same were out the dick van ran the defer travel would have been a touchdown pass through greek walls at all the first app in this one two victor jackovich dixon was interfered with then there was a a first dan that path near here it's called the two brilliant balls on the over the top throws this tie these right on the body that victory used in nice here down to keep his body between him well uh if defender and the football now the.

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