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Might whether on the eights and when it breaks Dave Tilden in the W T o p Traffic center. Everything's okay on the Beltway through Virginia and most of Maryland except near land over on the outer loop. The crash between 202 and route 50. Along the left side 95 no delays between the Beltway's in Howard County route, 32 remains closed between Lyndon Church Road and Burntwoods wrote a serious crash under investigation to 70. No crashes. No delays through Montgomery and Frederick County's on 15 South bound Erect near West Patrick Street should be on the right shoulder. Delays are easing in Virginia on 95, South bound traffic. Slow Lord in Woodbridge. Ah Breakthrough Dale City and Quantico and then once again on it off the brakes there Stafford County, but more progress heading to Fredericksburg with whole lanes reopened beyond 17 in the crash near the rapid hand, it clear they were looking for another crash. Along Route one south of Stafford and south of Hospital Center Boulevard. Believe they did find something there. So look for delays on U. S Route one again on 66 inside and outside the Beltway, No issues and 3 95 north out of the beginning of the 14th Street Bridge. The crash is now on the left shoulder. For all of your residential and commercial heating needs to use the five star heating experts a crop Metcalf called 100 Go. Cropper visit crop, metcalf dot com. Dave told I w t o p traffic Well, let's turn now to Amelia Draper's storm team. Four after plenty of clouds today, maybe even noticing a few Sprinkles and Florey skies mall slowly clear out overnight. Tonight is.

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