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Oh jimbo one eight six six bible five four six two six we'll get back to the calls on the second but the break intervened as our guest a dr michael stone uh from his book the anatomy of evil was talking a bit about his experiences with the author joe mcginness and with the case of dr jeffrey mcdonald please continue shown on one two as i say uh uh educate the jury as to wear the crime uh fit than that i mentioned these uh uh much less evil but still evil example of killing a her lover the gene harris but then the much much worse uh torture uh murders perpetrated by ian brady who by the way dis a few months ago um and then again to fill it in as i learn more about a true crime books fulllength biographies of famous serb murderers and criminals uh and then my own experience in forensics psychiatry they'll laws related psychiatry i began to to fill in by more and more spots each one a little bit worse than the one before um and then at a certain point like around scale uh nine uh we're dealing with people who will be the law cold psychopaths people with lack of the guilt lack of the break cold uh tell us people uh people who were pathological lawyers who manipulated use others uh we have those uh oftentimes superficial term that they can kanu into going along with them and things of that sort of all these people different from us busy logically i mean i don't know their dna is different but i mean uh you please tell me a bit more about that i'm always wondered about such aid there was almost look i've are they really homo sapiens like me uh but both of us in many respond then different from us.

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