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But also like you mentioned having to do some reporting on cova nineteen and the the delta variant I when when the governor and mayor michael hancock the denver mayor came out and didn't put a mask mandate back in place on monday. I didn't take a whole lot was gonna change We really haven't seen that What is lerma counties current stance. What have you been hearing and seeing From county public health director time combo spoke to Lamoure county commissioners yesterday and Basically been saying the same thing since the cdc came out with a new stricter guide guidance around math. And that is that they're going to be aligned with the state so whatever the state decides They will do so. If the state doesn't come out with a mask mandate i don't see lamoure. County introducing stricter one then then colorado has They are keeping an eye on key metrics though and that's covered nineteen hospitalizations and icu Utilization which are both picking up As well as those delta verion cases is and that's what you know we've been talking a lot about it and i think that This was an opportunity that that the media missed last year. A little bit of of trying to keep a little bit of more of a level head and and ensure that when we talk about kobe where we're providing context you know and it's we're still nowhere close to to where we were back in january or or the winter and and those hospitalizations. We're nowhere close to overwhelming hospitals as well correct. And that's what Governor pull it said on. Monday would be the key factor in reintroducing mandate so they are not seeing numbers like you said even close to the fall and winter surge but they're keeping an eye on things and of course the county health County health officials are really really pushing for people to get fully vaccinated there even introducing vaccine booths at events like the lamoure county fair which is happening this weekend that That is another thing that we've been seeing in weld county. We've seen a slight excuse me. A steep increase in the number of people receiving the vaccine. Where does the vaccination rate sit for larimer county to have those numbers. Yeah so As of yesterday. When i. When i wrote a i wrote an explainer to the delta variant on it's on colorado dot com and as of yesterday the full vaccination rate among lamoure county Eligible county i believe was about sixty eight percent vaccinated and the county is really hoping to get up to seventy percent. Best-case scenario is seventy five percent fully vaccinated Tom gonzales said that was going to give us our best best. Shot at really Knocking back the third.

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