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30, another delay for back to school at Braintree. High Asbestos testing will be done the first day of school for them Instead. Braintree High was supposed to start the fall term a week ago, but that was shelled after a water pipe burst and the doors are locked into Millrose classrooms. Today, students in those classes are being told to stay home and quarantine. Because of positive coronavirus cases from Covid concerns to a bus driver shortage this day before school begins in Boston is fueled by worry the bus drivers union is concerned enough to call on BPS to delay the start of school tomorrow until the problems which transportation can be fixed. There are too many roots and too few bus drivers and monitors. They say they were warning of chaos heightened by a pandemic. I'm Laurie Kirby. Mm. Now, w RKO traffic from the my pillow dot com. Traffic Center Slow inside the O'Neill Tunnel South, You're on the brakes on the expressway south from the O'Neill down to seven Hill and again slow before the split north outside. We've got some brake lights by Columbia Road. Three South is slow at the Derby Street Lane. Drop and hang them in your delayed and Randolph on 24 South. Leaving the lower end of 93 the upward of 93 North bong brake lights in Medford before spot pond 1, 28 South, Slow and Lindfield. I'm Dave Gardner and the W RKO traffic center. Your life, your hopes and whatever you are searching for it, 1:15 a.m.. It's really none of our business and it shouldn't be anyone else's Protect your privacy online for free. Doc Doc Doc Deco Privacy simplified now, the long roofing Weather Channel forecast watching some big storms over in New York state and storm prediction centres flagged the area at risk for some strong and severe cells, especially west of Boston this afternoon and tonight. Also got some flood watches up to our South, an.

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