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Today, hate records are melting and dangerously hot Weather is the rule from the desert southwest to the northern tier. Meantime, tropical storm warnings are in effect from Louisiana to the Alabama Florida area as a potential system turns out in the Gulf. Republican senators are calling for the end of the federal mask mandate for travelers. Some want to do away with mask requirements on airplanes, trains and other transportation as covid restrictions Lucid nationwide. Even some Democrats, like Senator Brian Shots of Hawaii have expressed impatience with the rule. A suspect in a shooting spree in Arizona is now in custody due in court today. Virus that shuts shouldn't at the intersection was a terrific came from my vehicle over it was coming from where we're going to the deadly spree starting just before noon on Thursday than spanning eight separate incidents in Glendale, Peoria Surprise and along the West Valley freeways all within 90 minutes. Subject. No serviceable, though, Okay on In the areas several rounds because Ms Morgan it also please, We don't know the nexus. We don't know what the motive was. We don't have an idea of what? Um, this person was thinking when he went and did this, the alleged gunman opening fire at people on quiet side streets and busy interstates. Police quartering the suspect about 90 minutes after the initial shootings, saying they found at least one gun in the SUV during the arrest. The 12. People who survived three were shot. The rest were hit by shrapnel or were involved in car crashes. They're all expected to be okay, maybe sees Will car. A new investigation shows how Airbnb reportedly.

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