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Now 8 15 Sports at 15 and 45 powered by Red River technology decisions aren't black and white Think red And we're going to rob wood fork Well Dimitri I fear I use the Ron burgundy cut a bit too soon If things got out of control for the nationals fast in a 5 zero second inning how about what the Marlins just did in the fourth There's Jorge solari He cracks one to deep center field Thomas back warning track at the wall he leaps and it's gone again Jorge soler with a two run shot his 12th of the year And this has turned into batting practice for the Miami Marlins They lead a ten to nothing Ouch Yeah that hurts Dave jagler with a call while Charlie slows rise in pain on 1500 a.m. that innings saw 9 Marlin step to the plate in 5 more scored to make it that ten nothing deficit in Miami We are now in the bottom of the 5th and I fear taking my eye off of the screen here because we might get another score Now that damage you just heard in the clip that was on Andres Machado Johanna dome though was roughed up for 8 runs on 7 hits He only lasted three innings highlighted or low lighted maybe by a jazz Chisholm junior Grand Slam to break this one open in the second Elaine Thomas single all the Nats of mustard offensively so nothing really going well for them in Miami but reinforcements are on the way Dave Martinez announced before this debacle that Steven Strasburg will return from the injured list to start Thursday's game A much better showing for the Orioles in Baltimore they lead the Chicago Cubs 5 to one in the third inning of what is a home run Derby and only among guys whose names start with the letter M Christopher morale hit a leadoff Homer for the cubs then it was back to back for Cedric Mullins and Trey Mancini in the first then Jorge Mateo's three run shot in the second Former cubs manager Joe Maddon out in LA in the midst of the angels franchise record tying 12 game losing skid and some good news for the mystics and they need it coach Mike Tebow and assistant coach Shelley Patterson back at practice from health and safety protocols There is no one on their injured list as the first time that's been true since before the 2019 championship Rob woodwork WTO sports Top stories were following for you tonight on WTO Two teen girls from oakton high school are dead the third in the hospital with very serious injuries after a crash.

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