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Who's there? Another title for time. That's good. That's good. You can pretty get out and six more pushing my low. I'm gonna leave it up to you all the time. Even if I end up losing cause it's fun. This is why Mom was so bad. Okay? What has happened, Hardman to believe she's couldn't find it. No, no. You know, like last night, when good. That was not good. A boy named Sue two tackles for atomic gun? No, he had two tackles. Who cares? But it's a boy named Sue. You used that one before. Have definitely separated Just three field goals. That was a bugger kicking. That would explain No, you're not allowed to the Chief's not to be a sucker for a man holding that one stock up. By the way. I'm not to be a sucker, but Brady is a Godwin. No, you you had this. I have two more drunk drunk drunk. Who's there? Another title for Trump breaking switch. Where was the real Patrick? Mom's anyway Great. Last one this time, Jason Pierre Paul enjoyed the fireworks. Is that too soon? It's a little mean spirited. Give me credit for tone. Oh, I'll give it credit for tone Guy lost a finger playing with fireworks. That's not funny. That's not nice. He's got a Super Bowl ring. He's gotta well, this one. I know he's going to find another finger to put the ring. Well, you know what? What is going on in here? Championship Muzzle tough to Jason Pierre Paul. That should fix it before he won't win. What? Win? Nine more rings because that would be a bad. Know what? Okay, I'm gonna leave it at that. Grand crunk. Who's there? Another title for Tom? Yeah. E don't get out of this. Uh, just put your business day in sports history. Thanks to set me up with this Dan 1936. The NFL had their first ever draft who did the Eagles take with the number one overall pick in the draft. Jay Berwanger, the Berwanger. They don't know what he did with the Eagles will be played. What position I think is for university Should. I think it was a tight end? I don't think he played. I think he went into dentistry or something. As a poet. He did want to play the Eagles so bad. He chose another profession a bunch of criminals of our point stuff. That's That's it, Um Okay. 2003. Mario Lemieux of the Penguins became the second fastest in Michelle Player to reach 1000 career assists. Marla Movie has a lot of these Lamu, where he's a second of this second of that, it's all the Gretzky if he had stayed healthy, I think he would be recognized as the greatest hockey player of all time. He was kind of quite the freak in his size and mobility. With any idea are mere younger. Okay long, who was a big guy, too? But what Lemieux did, and he had so much range, you know his wing span and that size. I mean, it makes what Gretzky did even more amazing, But, you know, for for Lem, you to be that skilled at 642 20 or whatever it was, you know, Hockey had not seen something like that before. But had he stayed healthy? I think he would have been recognized, You know, maybe that's far fetched to say it, Uh, you know, giving generations here like Gordie Howe, uh, spectacular. Messier's expect. There's so many great players, but I thought when you was Unicorn in that sport. Then you might say that Gretzky was his well. Oh, Chuck in north Carolina. Hi, Chuck. What'd you have for me today? Good morning, Dan 6 ft one a post Super Bowl smorgasbord to 74. Uh, best of the weekend was the Tampa Bay defense. The worst was the entire halftime show and Particularly the after mentioned jockstrap outfitted back up dancers. You know, as far as the game, I think what we saw last night was, you know one exposure of Listen, Patrick Mahomes is incredibly insanely talented. You certainly got the gumption and the you know the throwing in the arm ability to come up with these crazy passes. As you mentioned he kept the ball too long. You know the left sideline pass, Terry threw it in the corner of the end zone and got deflected but nearly caught You know that those plays they work in the big 12 on Saturdays against, you know, Iowa State cyclones and the TCU horned frogs, But and you know this I mean, we see that this is not sustainable in the NFL. I think we'll see next year is really the reckoning. As far as this in my mind anyway, put the question into, you know, we know the NFL defense is when they catch up with these quarterbacks. And they find out you know the way to stop them and exposed her weakness. And so I think we'll see next year. This puts a question in my mind about last year's Super Bowl. I mean, he was not good in last year's Super Bowl, Of course, the 13 15 to tie retail We got bailed out, of course, San Francisco You know they didn't make a player too, that they needed to be. Oh, alright. I gotta Chuck. I'm gonna I'm gonna go out on a limb and I'm going to, uh, put my money with Patrick Holmes. That this is in Texas Tech. It felt like that was last night. He didn't have any protection whatsoever. They still of great skill position players. I'm gonna guess The offensive line will be a whole lot better. But we've you know that Brady's lost Super Bowls before too. And I don't think this is one of those. You know? L they're gonna figure out Patrick Mahomes. Give credit to Champa. They did what they were supposed to do. They took advantage of, you know, in experience, banged up offensive line, and they put pressure on him. Yes, he I think people just sort of assumed, though, that the Chiefs were unstoppable, right and like the sort of the story line not to overreact, But there's still plenty of time and Patrick Mahoney's career for him to be a huge disappointment. To start out this hot and then say he never gets back. People are gonna look back and say what happened? What went wrong? He was gonna be the greatest quarterback of all time, and they only got that one ring. Maybe, but it his age of 25. He's he's got history on his side. He's got time on his side. I'm okay with Jumping on the band way staying on the bandwagon with Patrick Holmes? Yes, my club and he runs it back with Tyree kill and calc next year. He should be okay. It was time to kill last night. By the way, we talked about that pre show. I think that the Buccaneers were bound and determined. If if we're losing, we're not gonna lose with Tyree killed on the damage. But I've been saying that for a month now. You if I can choose If I'm gonna lose, I'm gonna shoot like I think that's why I never wanted Michael Jordan to take the last shot. Right. I would double team him. And if Steve Kerr Hittite or John Paxson, I can live with that, but I can't live with the best player getting the ball. And they limited him. He did have 10. I think he was targeted 10 times, but he was never able to really, you know, display his wheels. And I think that that was, you know, brilliant on what Tampa Bay was deciding to do. And it was a conscious decision that this is what they were gonna do not blitzing pressure on the homes and we're gonna make sure Tyree killed. It's not Venus. And they did a wonderful job and his result. They won the Super Bowl obviously lets you go around the room. What we learned on the program will start with you. Odd, Christian says Carson. Winds needs to get the hell out of Philadelphia period. And why would the bears? I've interested him? McLovin. Rick Stroud didn't hide in the bushes. It was a fence with some vegetation when he was observing Tom Brady during those preseason workouts, seat. No, Connor. We'll see Tom Curren sometime about nine months now. Nice to have Tom on. Give us the Patriots side of this, Paulie for this week. Only Nick, right? Is Nick wrong? Yes. If you see Nick right to say, Hey, Mr Wrong. He'll join us tomorrow as well. Russell Wilson Junior, the third. 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