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Minnesota Avenues. No one was injured during the crash. Covert 19 vaccines remain in high demand. And when looking at health Department dashboards, it can be hard to tell if counties in northern Virginia are there are getting their fair share. For example, At first glance, it looks like Fairfax County is getting a lot more vaccine than Louden County. But Louden County health director Dr David Good friend. Says. What's actually happening is in Nova. Fairfax is listed as getting a lot of vaccine, but that's being distributed inside and outside Fairfax County. As far as Loudon County supply, good friend says they're working hard to get shots in arms across the county. We want to improve access in the community. So were we have a number of partners and all of our jurisdictions that we can work with. Louden County has fully vaccinated more than 300,000 people so far. Kyle Cooper. W T O P News. The year was just two days old. When Loudon County sheriff's deputy Cameron Gentry was shot and seriously wounded, Gentry was saluted as a hero as he left the hospital to complete his recovery. Deputy first class. Gentry was taking a suspected shoplifter into custody at the Wal Mart at Dulles Crossing Plaza. January 2nd when the sheriff's office says the suspect pulled a gun shot the deputy and two loss prevention officers. Sheriff Mike Chapman says when Gentry checked out of Reston Hospital Center. Despite Saturday's wintry weather, hundreds turned out to cheer him on. Just outstanding. I mean, it was just a crowd of people that were in the hospital coming out. This bad weather was just wonderful to see. A man was arrested for the shooting after trying to flee. He's being held on charges of attempted murder. Dick Uliano. W T O P News a tax credit proposal for folks who donate to help moms in need, and they're bouncing babies. The bill was introduced last month in Maryland's House and a hearing held this past Thursday. A few days ago. The tax credit would be for any donor who contribute up to $1000 to diaper bank in Maryland. Other charitable organizations for diapers or certain hygiene essentials levied a gardener with Maryland diaper bank in the bill. Feminine Hygiene products are included in those necessities, Garner says. Since Maryland Diaper Bank is 100% dependent on donations, anything that incentivizes whether it be a tax credit otherwise would go a long way to support families and support the reduction of diaper need. Across the state. Maura w t o p dot com Liz Anderson w T o P News It's 307. There is a special place in South Dakota, a place of hope, love, safety and opportunity for Native American Children. This place is ST Josephs.

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