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If you're going to have a boy named Sam Elliott I was thinking how turned on your during that Doritos commercial the great great do you think you think Sam Elliott's very and she can have grapple out I'll expand I've that's fair and it's a good trade off so which one do you like better Matt bear Drake or rob Kendall Drake why the name Kendall is cool yeah how about really how bout mac Kendall during math you mad and all right there you go the kid goes by his first name Matt bear will forever be the name sake not really you never know I mean I like my my my life my name is Robert yeah I call that my grandfather and my father but everybody knows be as Bravo that's my grandfather said that that's what that's the thing is that I go by her middle name when Harry met her middle name I wonder what the odds are of people choosing to go by the middle name or their first names probably very low percentage of people really they go by the middle name I hope so because it is a huge pain huge huge pain yeah and I always tell people like in doctors offices where they know me by my first name I'm always like just please just don't don't let anybody that you know do this to their kids I can name them something knowing that they're going to go by the middle name because it's just a mom was your mom's by listening I'm sorry and so you didn't choose no yeah parents gave you if you're a new it like they knew going in that I would be known I did because I like that name better but they just like the way that the first and middle name sounded together in the order that they chose it's just don't do that to your kids that's all I'm saying to you Jane yeah I'd like to close on a I just have a moment personal business here at personal a point of personal privilege yes thank you I do not have the flu this weekend yeah we did and I thought maybe it's because I was I really wrote her and I said rob sick Keating get a flu shot raising but I yeah I'm a little upset that I feel like you were both rooting for me to have the cheering for me I wasn't rooting for you get the flu just like eating is now you get a normal person might you might have turned into the flu but luckily I have incredible high stamina has use that like a I'm done by showing off in a day early with just some Advil a heating pad was poisoning Advil fix your food poisoning yeah that's not have any that were at CS I don't even know let's see below a fact take bill for that because that's not a stuff I mean his bar for that that's basically what you get over it if you have food poisoning anything you'd like to promote well tomorrow will be doing another episode of the market is a common sense castle yeah Wednesday and I believe it's going to be about how empowered it is to get up on a.

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