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Do all playoffs long, the first period of not like the Boston. Bruins they play the playoff. The third period was like the Boston Bruins and the end up coming from behind and beating team. Very good on the road in their own building. This was a huge huge win for the Boston Bruins and a tough tough loss for Saint Louis don't want to jump to conclusions. Right. It's only one game feel like this. If the if the blues, we're going to steal one in Boston. The opportunity here, especially after a Boston played in that I now that you have to the Bruins will be bettering games your soul. Right. Disres- Saint Louis Kansas was their chance. Jump one nothing go home with the two games in Saint Louis. But they couldn't do it. They let the they let the Boston. Hanging around it couldn't get that third goal. Hang around hang around, and we've seen teams lead Boston hang around all day long and it always comes back to haunt you and did the Saint Louis blues tonight that one eight straight playoff games this postseason. That's some belief shots shots and second seventeen three eighteen three. There was a Spanish when, when the Russ left the body left behind became the Bruins, again, there was all the point was made to nothing into the second minute of the second period over the next twenty five minutes. Austin scored three goals. Saint Louis had three shots on goal. Think about that total domination again, Saint Louis had the opportunity knew it. They knew there'd be rust in Nebraska and Bruins play. They knew that was their opportunity. They were talking all week long. We've been talking about it all week, long rusty gate, rest and all this stuff and Ross prevailed. But again, they couldn't get the third goal. They got the two they couldn't get the third which would would probably broke off back, but they couldn't do it hang around hanging around. And then getting beat Bruins get away with one or two spoons get away with not, not. Because they weren't trying in the first period again you can't simulate game conditions in practice and that's what they tried to do. And the players talked about it. You try and work, your hardest. You try and do everything like you do in a game that you can't simulate it, it, it takes a while to get going and use. It takes twenty minutes. Like that's why the second period when they became the Boston Bruins again. So fair to say they rust has been knocked off off the Bruins baby busters one eight straight games third longest single postseason streak at franchise history behind runs of ten in nineteen seventy nine zero and nineteen seventy-two Bruins winning a playoff game in which they trailed by two or more goals for the twenty eighth time. It's the first time they've done it in the Stanley Cup final the opener from the Saint Louis blues to Rask, one eight straight games Britain, Hopi and Corey Crawford for third among active goalies in wins capitals, Dr Guinea because nuts off has denied ever using drugs after a video surface of him sitting next to table on which there are couple of. Lines of white powder, and what appears to be a hotel room because that's off telling Russian media that the video was taken last summer after the caps won the Stanley Cup and he left the room as soon as possible after seeing unfamiliar, women and strange substances on the table. He says he's never used drugs and was ready to undergo a medical examination to prove it. The capital's releasing statement saying, quote were aware of the video that surfaced were currently in the process of gathering facts that have no further comment at this time. Sportscenter allnight ESPN radio NBA finals getting underway on Thursday. Steve Kerr says no K D for game one. Boogie cousins remains questionable ESPN reporter mcph Redel. They need to see him getting up and down the floor a lot better than he is right now. It's the thing that gave him trouble after coming back that achilles injury January. It's the same issue. He's having coming off that quad injury. When you watch him running up and down the floor during these scrimmages he's not getting the speed. They need their hopeful that he'll be out there. But even if he is a wouldn't. Expect him to play more than ten or twelve minutes, at least start whatever he can give them a bonus. All right. As for Kevin Durant. I mean it's really no surprise that. He was officially ruled out for game one. But when Steve Kerr says he might not travel him with the team house, and we read into that we should read into that, that in a best case scenario. It's looking more and more likely that the best thing for the words sage would be to see Kevin Durant in game three because Durant hasn't been able to do any on-court work yet. He hasn't gotten much of anything other than shot since his injury up on the floor with his teammates. Why would the warriors risk putting him on a point for five hours? Each way, if they know he's not close to returning. So while they haven't ruled him out officially for game two. The feeling certainly within this building. And when you talk the players and coaches, they're preparing for Durant to not be there in Toronto. At some point he could come back in this series. But it's the same thing with cousins. Whatever he can give them is a bonus there. Pairing as if both guys won't be there. And if they do then great. And they can add something different. And regardless of who's on the floor for Golden State, they'll have to stop arguably the best player in the NBA in coli Leonard. There's Stephen Smith. When I look at the best player in the world defense does have something to do with that, and is defending the Greek freak, obviously bodes well form. But was sitting talking about today as well is we're talking about adjustments that weren't made. We're looking at Mike Boorda knows some of the things he could have done differently. We're looking at the inability of perimeter players on a Milwaukee Bucks to make shot, the sober or merited to a lesser degree Lopez don't get me started with every Bledsoe. And how they were daring him that you prevented shots because they knew that he didn't have any confidence to do it. That's also point out the assist tremendous that koala receive from a guy like Fred vanfleet coming off the bench. I know I can Okara Larry head a pretty damn good series. But when you look at Fred vanfleet sense, Ken was born kid was born over the last three games this series. Okay. Because they won four straight since game three. Fred vanfleet has come off the bench and has hit eighty two percent of his threes. Fourteen of seventeen. Of the fifty seven percent shooting from three point range along those ways. So I'm looking at the level of a system. I'm looking at the, the cyst that Milwaukee provide in terms of what they did it to. And then I'm looking at other great players that are VIP performing as well. We just talk about the play here and I'm certainly not trying to apply that Steph curry is a better all around player that let it I'm simply making the argument that Kawada limits poll, formative, and this post-season doesn't validate him as the best in the world, and as for Steph curry, and his thoughts on Colli Leonard. And he's gifted physically would strengthen his wingspan.

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