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Traffic to standard cross traffic alert with auto brake that watches your back and can automatically apply the brakes re people and oncoming traffic as you reverse. It's nice to know that someone is looking out for you. The xc ninety for everyone safety visit volvo. Cars dot com slash. Us to learn more so bill. We are back. We just finished watching cowboys. Eagles and the clock says midnight. Our bodies though are screaming one am eastern. And it's hard to say how many other human beings like opted into making it to the end with us on this game but those who did were rewarded with the site of carson wentz and the now three five and one eagles planting their flag atop the haunted landfill. That is the nfc east. So how good exactly should really be feeling about carson wentz right now. I have to admit pablo hard to think of a critical division win by two scores in primetime. That was less impressive than what we saw from the eagles on sunday night. And you know what the defense did. Its job it was against an offense which had three or four backup linemen. It was quarterbacked by the equivalent of a young junk. Balling pitcher in benvenuti. Who i mean. Ten years from now is going to be a mean about. Remember what this person quarterback the cowboys on national television. Carson wentz was a disaster. Against one of the league's worst defenses and yes i mean whence apologised. They're out there. Yes they are. They're going to blame. The they're going to blame wentz's play on the injuries the offensive line and the injuries that receiver and yes. Those things do matter don't force went to make inexplicable decisions when he has the football in his hands. There's just no aptitude here for went to give up on a play or how to deal with the pressure by getting the ball out on time or quickly. Philip rivers is sort of the opposite here. Philip rivers when he sees a screen and he noticed not gonna work even if it's a half second after he's gotten the ball he just likes the ball and says okay. I'm gonna lawn and play another play. Philip rivers also by the way not missed a regular season game due to injury in his entire pro career carson. Wentz just seems to stare at the screen until it starts working. I said if he's going to move the defenders with his mind before getting sacked in possibly injured. And yes. I mean once made a few impressive frozenness game. He has that in his arsenal in his arm. But the difference between winston ritchie was not worth difference in salary between these two guys. Which is i believe a little over thirty million dollars per year man jeeze well speaking of i guess nonsensically humiliating on field experiences. Let's talk about what happened in the third quarter of this saints overtime win over the bears because in specific i mean. There's lots of football to be discussed there. But i wanna talk to you bill about bears wide out. Devan whims sneaking up behind saints back. Cj gardner johnson after the whistle and then punching gardner johnson in the head. Whims and gardner. Johnson exchanged blows and whims wound up and punched him. Glad out and now there's a big pile up in a fight underway. Right in front of the bears bench. John williams retaliate. That's not going to end well which was a problem. Not least because gardner. Johnson's head was very much inside his helmet and so he just sort of stared at him blankly in response. So how would you describe what happened after that punch and why did any of this even happened in the first place. This goes back to last year. This is a long standing feud which happened way. What yes it goes back to last year last year. See gartner johnson and a saints teammate. Very visibly made fun of the height of williams's teammate. Tree cohen. who's now missing with a tornado. Seattle not something. You wanna do earlier in the saints. Bears game carter. Johnson appear to poke anthony miller in the mouth between place he also. This is also hard to tell from the footage you've seen so far believe that he may be ripped javon wims mouthpiece out i guess javon wims at some point gets it in his head that he is going to take a swing at. Cj gardner johnson johnson is seemingly minding his own business. Nothing's happening and then walks gartrell johnson and either snatches his chain or goes to snatch his mouth piece or attempts to one of those two things with an indetermined level of success then ask recognizes. That whims is approaching him. He punches gardner johnson in this side of the helmet and we're both current or new yorkers. Civic gardner johnston reacted to this and the same way that you would if you were holding poll on the subway and someone bumped into you you would say why now by what's happening here our attention are you. Can i help you. Winston punched garner johnson in the second time which started huge brawl. So i admire on persistence. But i don't think he'd worked out well for him or the bears he was elected. Nick foles threw an interception at right after that brouhaha and the bears ended up losing the game in overtime. I just don't want to be involved in any part of that. That's just that's my level of risk aversion. I would say but if there is a team an entire team bill that might feel like it's been sucker punched this season. I mean they've just suffered injury after injury after injury and in their loss to seattle on sunday we saw jimmy garoppolo. And george kittle both hobbling out of the game and i want to ask about jimmy. Gm particular because he was playing terribly before being replaced by nick mullins. How much of that play do you think is due to that. Messed up ankle. The niners took garoppolo out of the game with an ankle injury. He of course suffered a high ankle sprain earlier this season against the jets did miss a couple of games before returning. It's the dolphins. Here's what's happened. Since then grow cossack against the dolphins he throws two interceptions on seven pass attempts and gets benched at halftime. the following make plays the rams. He's great twenty three thirty three two hundred sixty eight yards three touchdowns last week against the patriots. Twenty and twenty five or two seventy seven did thirty two picks but a pretty efficient game for garoppolo outside of the interceptions and then he's terrible. This week it gets benched again for nick. Mullets initial ankle injury. I don't understand why he would be really good for a week and then kind of good for a week at an really bad the way he was three weeks ago and get benched again. That's sort of linear return. We expect from a typical ankle injury. Grappo was playing a seahawks team. That as the offense has been has been incredibly giving when it comes to aladdin quarterbacks to hit plays downfield gras was not making plays downfield against one of the worst pass defenses in all football and we saw when nick mullins came in he was able to make plays granted it. They were down multiple touchdowns but he's able to make plays pretty comfortably against pass defense. Now mohan's did a lotta pass to kittle which ended with that star tight. End making this tackler. Catch them off the field with a foot injury. There's reports on on how serious kittles injury is. But it's weird. Because the guys they bring in to replace their injured players also seemed to get injured really quickly. I'm concerned i mean. I don't know what their plan is with garoppolo. I don't know what their long or short term strategy is. If his ankle is really a problem they need to rest him they should have been resting in previously but now they are sitting in a very vulnerable position in the in the nfc west of four and four they have the packers and the saints over the next two weeks before thereby if they lose those games they're probably out of the playoff race so i think even given that garoppolos on one hundred percent in a given that they are blaming the ankle. I don't think they have much of a choice to go back to garoppolo for thursday night.

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