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I'm not surprisingly local politicians, and nonprofit leaders are greeting Microsoft's housing initiative with a lot of enthusiasm. We get that part of the story from komo's Corwin Hake. Elected officials attending Microsoft's housing announcement are few sive, Brad. Thank you, Amy. Thank you, Microsoft, Seattle mayor Jenny Durkan applauding executives Brad Smith and Amy flood for recognizing the region's success story may not be sustainable if the people who work in that region cannot live in that region. Former Washington Governor Chris Gregoire says over the past ten years. Too. Many of king county's teachers firefighters, nurses, and other public servants have faced a difficult choice between either living so far away that they're commuting hours to get to work or being financially burdened by having too much for percentage of their household income that goes simply to housing crisis is not quite the same as homelessness, but these leaders say it's certainly related because they note lack of affordable housing is a primary cause of homelessness. Corwin hake. Komo news. Text messages, make it easy to communicate quickly. But is that the only reason young people are less likely to make a phone call for many people text messaging to communicate with their phones has all but replaced making actual calls. And that seemed especially true among young people, definitely texting more. But a new survey from phone training service Bank cell has provided some unexpected reasons on exactly why that is the top answer for the over one thousand millennials pulled for the survey as well as the handful that we chatted with in San Francisco was no surprise. Texting is a time saver Sasser. Yeah. Tax or Email, also some less obvious reasons like anxiety, a feeling of discomfort immediately. When you start getting the call, Jessica Abel, unfiltered, social media said the convenience of having text messaging growing up smartphone users less naturally comfortable with too much. They've been behind a screen. Is a call can feel very personal and make them has a level. The people who are my age would feel meeting. Someone face to face who also said that will saving time by texting thing can also mean avoiding getting stuck on a call enough being able to tend to other responsibilities you're having.

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