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NewsRadio you cannot make this stuff up. All right, Chris. Good. Job nine eight. Let's take you to Wall Street where it's, it's going to be a rough day. Looks like Bloomberg business. Here's Andrew O'day. Good morning. Andrew. Good morning. Jeff, a crucial measure of US inflation watched by the fed reserve. Picked up in April for the first time this year, while American spending, an incomes, topped forecasts spending, which makes up more than two thirds of the economy climbed point three percent after a one point one percent jump in March biggest gain in a decade personal incomes increased half a percent in April the most this year, boating well for spending in the months ahead, however, it should be pointed out that this report covers the period before the most recent escalation of the U, S, China trade war. And now the market is bracing for a new front in the trade wars, the president threatens tariffs on Mexico, illicit curtails the pace of Central American migrants moving through its territory to the US border following that thread, and ahead of wall. Street's opening bell s and p futures a falling more than a percent. Thirty one points. Dow futures down two hundred sixty eight Andrew O'day, Bloomberg business on WBZ, Boston's NewsRadio, right. Andrew nine oh nine now famous fashion. House is weighing in on the growing number of states, restricting or banning abortions in the United. States itchy models, walked runways in Rome. One in address decorated with a flowering, uterus on the front jackets, and coats had the phrase, my body my choice. So non creative director Allesandro me Kelly tells women's wear daily he was inspired by seventies culture and the reproductive rights movement. L Johnny sap rocky, and Harry, styles were among the celebrities out the show, Gucci is the same brand that withdrew a high turtleneck black face sweater in February. Deborah Rodriguez CBS news is a spectacle in the sky hovering over the small town of Fremont, New Hampshire. We sent WBZ Sheri small take a look and aerial cell tower, designed to provide cell service mobile broadband to rural areas is drawing mixed reactions in the small town of Fremont, New Hampshire. The company L taros based in Massachusetts is in the testing phase. So why all the commotion? Well, this cell tower is really a huge blimp that hovers above the town and above Courtney's home. It's definitely an eyesore. I it kind of looks like. Goodyear blimp. Exactly. Others. Like Jack don't seem to mind it. Well, I think it's pretty cool. That doesn't bother anybody says next year it hopes to deploy them in more rural areas. Louise, just wanted out of his neighborhood running joke, is who's going to pop it in Fremont. Sheri, small WBZ, Boston's NewsRadio nine eleven and coming up this morning on WBZ the latest on a WalMart robbery that is likely to leave you speechless. Small business owner. And.

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