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And also talk about why I liked this philosophy and why I get a lot of like <hes> spiritual goodness goodness and inspiration and just like power for living through Swami Vivekananda end his work. I mean you know he is not around anymore. He was <hes> <hes> I forget when he lived. I'll have to find out put it in the show notes at G. Mark Phillips Dot Com but I know it was around. The turn of the century is from what I if I recall nine thousand nine hundred it's is but actually it was eighteen sixty three to nineteen O two. That's what it says on the cover of this book and the Front cover but I've posted stuff about him on my instagram page Mark Phillips to four and talked a little about his book but I've never actually read passages shared passages and so I've got a number of tabs here on the book that I'm going to share with you in this episode but before we do that I want to read a little bit of background and give you background on what band Ed Fidanza is because I'm not an expert by any means. I just find a lot of I resonated a lot with this philosophy. There's some things that don't really resonate with me about it but but it's I I think it all goes in the bucket right. This is one of my main <hes> like is one of the ones that has so much goodness. I think about all the time but I'm GonNa read this from <hes> this is from Vidana Dot Org Devante Society of Southern California and they answered the question what is Fidanza and here. I'm going to quote disc quoting. Dante is one of the world's most ancient spiritual philosophies and one of its broadest based on the Betas the sacred scriptures. There's of India it is the Philosophical Foundation of Hinduism but while Hinduism includes aspects of Indian Culture Vidana is universal in its application and is equally relevant to all countries all cultures and all religious backgrounds the Danta affirms three things number one the oneness of existence number two the divinity of the soul and number three the harmony of all religions a closer look at the word. Banta is revealing fidanza combination of two words Veda which means knowledge and Onta which means the end of or the goal of in this context the goal of knowledge isn't intellectual the limited knowledge we acquire by reading books knowledge here means the knowledge of God as well as the knowledge of our own divine nature Fidanza then is the search for self knowledge as well as the search for God so so I think that lays a foundation for us as far as what banana is and why it's so important right I mean when we when we find ourselves are large self off and really connect with it and move through the world from that frame of mind we get so much more power such joy and happiness in inspiration in divine inspiration right to do our work in the world and share our gifts and be our best selves all that stuff but only happens when we can really hook up with that big self that universal divine south aspect I've talked about this before on other episodes and it's even on the cover of <hes> boundless joy one hundred one timeless reminders of our true nature when we do align with that biggest south and we do hook up with that all of our worries stories and all of our stuff they just pale in comparison. They are insignificant anxiety. Worry fear doubt all of that stuff falls away when we hook up with with our what we really are true nature our inner being and when we show up in the world in that way and think of ourselves.

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