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Frame. Yeah and ought to see that movie. Avid cinerama uh. Is there any way you can see. Cinerama well i guess the cinerama dome although it's in jeopardy i it's closed right now. Isn't it because well. The owners went went belly up about six years ago. There is a director that said. I'm going to clean up. The west was won. And get it to where i can broadcasted it or show it again at the cinerama dome and he did is. He didn't clean it up. Good enough the whole the whole movie theater to it. I was expecting it to be seamless. Yeah well they needed to go digital is what they needed to do. And then you won't have that jitter from the the project about a year and a half to go see it and you're sitting in the theater with everybody else and all of a sudden the screen opens up and it's so impressive. Isn't that cool. I it looks like believe it or not. There's good news for the hollywood cinerama dome. it looks like a. Amc is going to take over the arc light complex and may in fact reopen it. So amc's acquired pacific theater. So i'm hoping that they reopen it. It's been up in the air. And of course a lot of people in the movie industry have been very upset because that was of course that's legendary. It appeared in a lot of movies itself on sunset. Boulevard there A format blu. Ray of how the west was won and it it came out in the smile addition which they actually contacted the screen or the pitcher on your screen view. The effect of that wide angle shot. And it's it's interesting to watch it that way. But they have brought it out four k. we need we need. We need. I don't know i would love to i. It was curved. Wasn't it the cinerama scream. Slightly curved around us at wasn't curbed it was cade where concave. Yeah this is the best way to describe to people. I tell somebody that. Just look forward but your hands on the side of egypt by take your hands away. That's what set around is it wants. Your hands are taken away from your side vision. Gets you proof vision. Yeah exactly yeah. The reason i called me before you let me go. This has been a great trip down memory lane but yes we should. Talk about whatever's on your mind. I covered about two months ago. I was having problems with. Adcp the ca. Yes yes well. I couldn't find a way to hook up my system to where i didn't have to go through my receiver though the arc inputs. So we're could get everything linked together but i started playing with the switches and the hd cables. I found a way cooked up the dish network receiver directly to my television. Yeah the sound for the sound. I went directly to the receiver by the are and everything works perfect good. And how's the lipsey. Well that's fine using the little splitter that i bought from oei it took away the content protection and to scott also had fish. He watched a dreams broadcast in. Hd would have been something yes so it's interesting. These chinese converters we discovered this to they..

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