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Cast podcast at Would you call? Sydney like the San Francisco of. Australia in Melbourne, be more like the Chicago. Yeah I guess Sir. Sydney's ball brash like New York. In Melbourne's more sophisticated. melons considered the third capital in the. Fashion capital of Melvin of Australia. And the sporting capital of US drive, right? Well Melbourne my image of Melbourne is always framed through. The Australian Open Tennis Tournament Right. Right. As somebody WHO's go on to Wimbledon a few times and gone to. A few times It's on the list on the list of place. Well hugged come and see because it's a magnificent venue and one of the lucky who got Melvin is we have within walking distance of the day some of them this sporting arenas in the world you've got the ten say. You're Seiji which is one hundred, thousand people stadium and you. Many stadiums around that. So if you will stay when you can walk to all the sporting venues, you just can move to the mall. Well talking about racket sports. you told me that you've been involved in racquet sports for a long long time and consider yourself. A Pretty Nice player. I play squash. which playing for fifty years fifty years. Fifty seven years, action. On. The, my team we playing in competition once a week four team. Number one team, and probably the oldest in the. but I'm still playing I'm still building people twenty six years younger than me. Still Getting, beaten. And now I love. Boy Squash. Twice a week well for the people who don't understand squash and never played squash tell us the difference between squashing. baller squash and yeah I was wondering what the differences between squash and racquetball. Of course uses a much volleyball and the different racket. Oh pretty well, it's a symbol game, but it's a pasta and Harda gyn racket ball his invented for those who can't play squash. have. You ever played racquetball. Is. is played on the same court as a racketeering. At. The same time And torchwood reading public came out of handle, which was played on the side of the court..

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