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Would be the hardest to exploit so we would expect to see them may be taking longer to happen if they even ever do um the biggest problem as i mentioned is the is the hit the ah to cure is worse than the the lynn the disease in this case for for many people you know you're all of our systems are running more slowly for apparently no good reason at the moment but again better safe than sorry i think in this case um if it certainly if if you suspect that your system is ha is in misbehaving in any fashion then turning off this spectre mitigation until we get updated firm for mintel certainly would would make sense and microsoft is sort of saying you know corrupt data loss or corruption meaning that's kind of more scary at least a reboot is like oh what's we crashed if it's actually could cause and i think that's what microsoft is saying uh data loss or corruption i don't know if that's with the reboot or silently without it bothering to reboot but that's of concern to so yeah i don't know i heard the same thing so yeah so anyway that's an update on the gift that keeps on giving the industry uh and i've certainly once i'm sure and i'm sure that intel is working hard they they say they understand what what's going on there not cheering it with us which is really my only source of angst is you know it will beat we're we're just third dealing in a vacuum in this podcast likes to have facts to deal with and so like oh it's worse than it used to be more reboots than usual what know like okay okay shows beijing um we were talking about this on the mac break weekly i know.

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