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Was GonNa get, too so the story of the the fourth, and what turned out to be the final game of the seventy four seventy five season, it was played the capital center. Golden State's got a three nothing series lead in by the way the thought was phil mentioned this. They didn't think they routed a series down three nothing. They still felt that they were the better. But Rick, Barry's putting together. You know an incredible series and he's dominating the bullets. He's outplaying the stars. Elvin Hayes Wes unseld and in before game four Mike Reardon. Who was the the bullets small forward he was a Knick to you? Remember him with the Knicks he played. He played with both Willison wet exactly my career. His nickname was bags Mike Rewritten was essentially the guy given the responsibility to take Rick Berry out of the game as in knocking him out physically, and that's the. The way basketball was played back then, and the plan was that reardon was going to try to agitate and get into a fight You know an intentional fight with Rick. Berry and game both tossed from game. Four will really gets in the fight and attacks, Berry, and Al Attles was the coach of state will before the Game West apparently was given the responsibility of Al Annals pre-written said I'm going after. Rick Perry I'M GONNA TAKE HIM OUT WEST AL's coming off the bench. You've got him. Engineer told the story about how Al Al Aduls was the head coach of Golden State and was a tough tough guy as you said and when reardon gets into the fight with Berry, and you can see this. This is a youtube game. You can see west. As Al. aduls come sprinting off the bench step in front or rear. And is Chenier, said it took every ounce of the strongest man in the Game Wes unseld strength to keep. Allah handles away from the skirmish. Als. L. Adults got tossed from that game. He got kicked out of the game. which golden state eventually won to clinch the NBA Championship in Washington but Al Adams was not on the floor to see it. He was back in the locker room. Berry by the way did not get booted from the game. He stayed in the game and ended up with you. Know another good game in Golden State won the game and swept the the bullets, but. Listening to Chenier, tell talk about unsettled been given that assignment and West is like man als, actually a tough dude like he's really like who were the tough guys of that era like I know Clifford Ray and Mo- Lucas who played with Walton. Maurice Lucas in in Portland was bought Bob Lanier a tough guy, right? Yeah, these were all all tough guys you know but Westwood West. What's probably? The most feared a of that.

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