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Until the summer LA galaxy going to get €4 million for their part of the deal. Let's start here first. First, herk is Juliana who gonna be a first team player at Barcelona, and what kind of impact do you think he has? Eventually, eventually, not in the first few months at the Catalan club. Yeah, based off just player pool in general, the style of play. I think it's gonna cost him at first. But I love everything about this kid's work ethic, the way he can set himself to be successful, but those are some deep waters. That said, you look at Barcelona's right back depth chart, if you will. I mean, strategy Roberto 31 years of age, not quite frankly, has been in the good graces of shavi as of late, hasn't played much. Ronaldo actually a center back has been playing that right back position, busquets every once in a while. If he's there, he's going to get some opportunities and all you need to do is be on the field Barcelona to do well, which they have been doing lately. To see something in you and Rafa Marquez to really, really fine tune you. This is where I think it's going to be instrumental and actually to his advantage that he's not being thrown into the deep waters at first. So the fact that he's going to go to Barcelona bear and he's going to have three, four months of actual time to work and develop before he gets into that first team waters and actually plays 'cause he may go to the training sessions he may be there and whatnot, but to actually play. I think that's to his benefit. So if you're asking me if he will have a successful Barcelona career, I don't know. But if I'm betting on it, I bet it's more he gets opportunities than him right now. Never sees the light of day. Okay. So we were talking about this in the production meeting in terms of the MLS to major big time blockbuster European club moves. There's a spectrum, right? There's not Mia Oscar, let's say, to Alfonso Davies. Went straight to Chelsea. He played two Premier League games for Chelsea and he made 5 loan moves. Alfonso Davies went to Bayern Munich, and even though, like Juliana Rao, Alfonso Davies started on the second team, he started at Byron two, he was pretty instantly a starter. He won a Champions League. Now 5 years later and look at exactly what he is. So that's the spectrum upon which koyana alho would land, but there's one player in particular her that I think is a more apt comparison. Sergino dest sergino dest played 72 72 games across all competitions at Barcelona in the same position. Do you think Juliana hall will play more or less games than sergino desktop Barcelona when it's all said and done? He's got a he's got a three year deal through 2026. Also, by the way, was over 20 million sale and Ronald kuhlman specifically who recruited him, tried to recruit him for the Dutch national team specifically brought him to Barcelona, so there's a big difference

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