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In west long branch New Jersey. One point five, I asked her. Hi. How you doing? Right. That's an unusual name as to for someone so young. It's a pretty name. You know what usually I didn't think as to, you know, remember, I mean, I don't mean fan or anything, it's just like is unusual usually. Okay. Oh, now I get it Cui. That's now you put it in perspective. I'm sorry. Right now at all. Yeah. That would all rings true. Okay. Queen Esther put what is your category your majesty? I like music, okay? From the eighties, that was before your time, cleanest to let me see what I can do. Eighties music here we go. Right. You better you better get this. That's all. All right. They Bon jovi's. I hit in the eighties. Is it a runaway be living on a prayer? See, I'll be there for you or d seventy eight oh one Fahrenheit. A or what? One fahrenheit. Sure. To what the seventy we got. We got a special on the seventy eight oh one Fahrenheit. Now.

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