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Mitchell Royce o.'neil, Joe Ingles Jae Crowder is probably gonna slide up and place minutes at the three. Now they got Thaba back, so it's gonna be tough for him getting minutes in his rookie year in that might be tough considering all the players. So we'll see that shakes out. But I, I have tough time seeing them getting a lot of minutes unless there's some injuries. So real quickly before we depart, I was critical a couple of foods, go of the jazz giving a George kneeing twenty. Five this year I was giving him a full guaranteed contract for this year. He's been compared to Jared Dudley in the past. He has worked on his shooting. That's the one thing that I think you can say, looks better. His body looks a little bit better, but another kinda concept guy, but a my wrong about him. Do. Would you support the better they gave him that that guaranteed contracts outside just based on court? You know, I think there are some kind of culture reasons because he's toiled for them in the g. league to to give him a contract just to provide an example of working hard being rewarded in that kind of stuff, but just on the court is worth that contract, which is I want him to be worth that contract just because I love his game. He so creative in yell, fun to watch. But I think I thought with on your side of the argument that east probably not somebody that I believe in long-term MBA. I was a little bit impressed with some of his on ball defense just against some guys. Think he stone Kevin Knox a couple times and that Collins when they were matched up. So I, I was impressed with his ability to like he's not the fastest guy is. Let 'isms pretty terrible, but it was at least pretty good and -ticipant like how to slide mirror some guys on in some of those aspects. And then obviously is touch authencity. But like his feel for the game can only get him so far like he just looks, you know, really short out there. He's improved his body. He's not. He's a very below average MBA athlete and he's not like high quality, three point shooter. So I, I don't think he'll really stick long-term. And and you said you were critical and you know, maybe they could have done a little bit better with that spot, but there there aren't any really, you know, spots for like playing time on the jazz roster right now. So you could argue like maybe they get like a younger development, undrafted free agent guy, stuff like that, but I don't. It might have been like something they could have done better with, but I, I really don't think that's that big of a difference from what they could have done with overall. Yeah, he'll be there in protest. You know, he'll play hard ill, contribute the a good example at cetera. Of art while this is a lot of fun, a lot of work, but always one of my favorite endeavors go back through summer league and try to really keep up on where. All of these players are going. So thanks so much for listening and is gonna be team preview time later this week already gonna get you guys started with our ceremonial first team preview, but will do to actually parenthesis code going through till October first. So look forward to that and look forward to talking the all later in the week till then..

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