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Play in the third quarter. You came back in The Fourth Way, you heart. What happened? No. Dan, play good to be in there. Within their. Hey, everybody helped me down. We all held each other. We just we just got it done. We just got it done. I mean, if you were to tell me that Todd Gurley barely gonna play because he was ineffective. What if I told you and they're still going to win the game? Now he had three targets in one. Catch. The other two dropped one went through his hands. It was picked off the other one. He dropped on one of the very few blitzes that wasn't blocked. Well, it was Todd Gurley who didn't block it. Well, he didn't pick up the blitz. Very well because it's not like C, J Anderson lit it up. He ever point eight yards a carry. So he wasn't lighting it up either. Nobody was but he was doing better blitz. Pick up. Mike the blitz pickup by the Rams in this game. I thought was on I thought that Saint should stop listening. I said you're wasting people blitzing unless you were going to bring more numbers than they had which is something to win. The will do, you know Casey with zero coverage they'll bring more than you have the block, but just normal when you're bringing a guy or two extra the Rams, I just go back to those old blitz pickup drills that I used to. When we used to do in practice when you actually hit, and it was like almost full go the intensity of those. That's when backs are learning where where the pick up the blitz and the line is learning whose blitzing and who to pick up and how to how to pass off any kind of stunt what the the Rams almost dinner to perfection. They were unbelievable between the line and the backs on picking up the blitz. You saw in the second half the benefit of a lot of that Rams tempo. And how long some of the drives were because it was when they got that saints defense gas, and they're going out there, and they're trying to go through their checks and they're trying to blitz when they get the appropriate looks. But you saw those guys were dragging so much that the tells on the blitzes became obvious and Gerry Goffin, the Rams were using enough of the snap count on that information. It became pretty obvious where it's coming from blitzes are great. But when you know exactly where and when the blitz is coming from it becomes awful easy to identify protect and be distribute the ball where it needs to go all of that is true. But this game changed. On a play and a call that had nothing to do with any of the offensive stars for the Los Angeles. Rams. And that was the fake punt Johnny Hecker vote, by the way might be the greatest passing quarterback a passing punter of all time. He's unbelievable. But again, I think it was thirteen enough of that time, and they were stuck. They couldn't get anything going. And they were just about to kick it back and Hecker comes up with that throw who by the way Sam shields. Unbelievable. As a as a defensive back turns and turned the defender around and picked up the first down. He's going to be all over his is receivers of practice after that has everyone will remind you. He did play some wide receiver before switching over to that too defensive back. Yeah, they were down thirteen to nothing with fourteen twenty three left in the second quarter. And that got them going. Here's Tom Jackson saying that was the key to the game realizing had to do something to turn the momentum for his football team. He did that and Jerry golf really took over that football game with. Without benefit of an outstanding run game. The runners did not do today with they had done for most of the season. Here's the other little tidbit. You can take away from this that I did not know until I read a tweet from dean blandino on when you set up in punt formation and you throw a pass like that the outside offensive players the gunners. They called there's no pass interference. Yeah. If you're a defender you can mug him. Yeah. They could've mug shields and hit him. And there is no pass interference. Because it is set up like a punt. And they're like garner and guys can come up come up and play the governor's press. So you can mug him. And if they fake punt and pass it it is not interference. Yeah. But that's the beauty of it. Because I mean, they gave him a free he free. It's exactly right. They gave him for. He never even when he stopped and turned around. It wasn't the defender had to be seven yards past. So obviously it has to be set up, right? Because a lot of times you'll see two guys out there. And if that was out there, they obviously would not have it. So it was on not only was there one guy, but he was playing off of them. So there you go the little comeback route and Hecker now, I believe. Leave is twelve of twenty completing passes on fake punts with eleven going for first downs. I mean, that's incredible. Paul. I wore the shirt today for any watching on ESPN news. I have a goat you're on its for heck record, definitely. It's for him. Listen, despite whatever we we've all said, and obviously the Rams success. We talked about cooks get moved back there. C J Anderson Cummins stepping in tiger lease. So the MVP this game that Instagram post after the game Todd Gurley is official Instagram town of him the jersey swaps. You always see with Todd Gurley holding the officials stress jersey official holding the the Saint jersey. Yeah. Magical. That was pretty good. That was a good one. Yes. Leaning and do it coming up Alaska former offensive lineman about a defensive lineman that causes team a chance to go to the Super Bowl. 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