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Decaffeinated Ned Stark. Yeah, God, he's just like a diet Ned Stark. His daughter Allison, who's played by Olivia Cooke. Has been in some good stuff. As raniere is good friend and confidant and possibly more, I got a little bit of vibe that they were more. But I don't know. I could be wrong. I don't think so. I think Allison is going to play a part in some stuff. Yeah. But I don't think she's an extra piece. So that was actually the key of D major from Taylor movie. What's the next line? That's all I got. I want to hear you guys thoughts. So yeah, we will start with treby trav. All right. So I was not expecting much out of this. Game of Thrones built me up for several seasons. And in the last one, just dashed everything. It was much like lost. There were only two seasons of shows that I have loved. And poured my heart into that have absolutely dashed my hopes. Those two are lost and Game of Thrones. Game of Thrones did. You have no. If you have a great show and then you get tired halfway through as a creator of that show. If these two shows can teach you anything, it is to stick the fucking landing. Lost and Game of Thrones, like they had so much potential. So when I saw that this was coming out, I was like, well, I don't give a good goddamn. HBO tried to make a movie on the long night, which was this time, the white walkers came. And there is not much written at all about that time. So you don't know hardly anything about that. This time period, you can look at one, I watched a 12 minute YouTube video, I know the entire story. I know who gets with who, who dies when, who dies where I watch that, I feel like now I've seen the entire show. I mean, I'll still watch it because this first episode on its own was great. It gave a little bit of The Lord of the Rings like history to get you try to get you caught up. I didn't quite catch it all the first time. But they yada yada along the way. Matt Smith, I've loved since Doctor Who. He's fucking phenomenal actor. I loved him as Damon Targaryen.

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