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And news talk eight fifty. W F, T, L West Palm Beach plantation, Fort Pierce. From ABC news. I'm Richard Cantu with the supreme court weighing whether there should be a citizenship question on next year. Census the American Civil Liberties union told the court, there's smoking gun evidence, the administration is lying about the questions purpose. The ACLU claims the evidence shows that a longtime redistricting specialist who played a role in adding the question did. So in order to create an advantage for in his words, quote, Republican and non Hispanic whites that could call into question administration claims that the question was added to eight enforcement of the Voting Rights Act. The Justice department says the claims are false ABC's, Mark Remillard, President Trump thinks slapping tariffs of five percent on all Mexican imports will that country to stop the wave of Central American migrants, streaming to the US White House chief of staff, Mick Mulvaney, very belief of the Mexican government can and these do more to help us with the situation on the southern border. Mexico's president is dispatching his foreign minister to seek a negotiated solution. A public letter to Mr. Trump. Mexico's president declared social problems are not solved with duties or coercive measures national security adviser, John Bolton will go before the United Nations Security council next week with what he says, is evidence that Iran was behind sabotage of oil tankers in the Persian Gulf, region, and an attack on a Saudi oil pipeline. I don't think anybody who knows the region has any doubt who stage those attacks or the attacks on the Saudi pipeline pumping stations. Secretary of state might palm peyot off to Europe. Trying to drum up support and the possible diplomatic climbdown to ease rising tension between the US Ambi Islam Republic. The state of New Jersey sued eight members of the secular family, founders of Purdue pharma, sued them over the lethal toll of its Oxycontin, opioid painkiller..

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