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Another report of an unexpected accident in the skies, severe turbulence that led to a plane being diverted to Connecticut's Bradley international airport is being blamed for the death of a passenger. It happened late Friday afternoon aboard a business jet en route from New Hampshire to Virginia. The national transportation safety board is investigating. Former president and declared 2024 candidate Donald Trump is coming out on top of the conservative political action conferences straw poll on Saturday. Trump won with 62% while potential Republican candidate and Florida governor Ron DeSantis took 20%. The Stannis was not present at this weekend's event. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is teasing a possible presidential bid in 2024 and comments made Friday the environmental lawyer said he's thinking about it. Kennedy Joe, quote, I passed the biggest hurdle adding my wife greenlighted it. Kennedy is the son of the late senator Robert F. Kennedy, and the nephew of the late president John F. Kennedy. He joins a short list of Democrats eyeing a potential challenge to President Biden's reelection bid. John morant of the grizzlies is being sidelined for at least two games after brandishing a gun on social media. Chris coraggio has more. On Friday, the two time NBA all star went live on Instagram and what appeared to be a strip club, morant was shirtless and flashed what appeared to be a handgun next to his face, the grizzlies announced they investigated the situation and decided morant will be away from the team for the next two games. In a newly released statement, Moran apologized for the incident and said he's taking time away to get help and learn better methods of dealing with stress. I'm. And the Rachael Ray talk show is ending after 17 seasons in daytime syndication, ray said she decided it was time to move on to the next exciting chapter in her broadcasting career. I'm Jim Forbes. Arizona governor Katie Hobbs is putting state executions on hold. Julie Ryan explains. The first term Democrat issued the order Friday in the case of death row inmate Erin guns. He was set to die next month for a 2002 murder. Hobbes said a ruling by the Arizona Supreme Court makes it clear that the warrant authorizes an execution, but does not require it. Arizona is among the states facing criticism for botched executions in recent years. I'm Julie Ryan. Texas Republicans are voting to censure representative Tony Gonzalez on Saturday the state Republican executive committee passed a resolution to censure Gonzales for breaking from his Republican colleagues in several votes, including a bill to protect same sex marriage, and bipartisan gun legislation. In a statement the Texas GOP said the party can center anyone who quote violates Texas Republican Party principles and priorities three times or more in a given biennium. The vote passed 57 to 5 with one abstention. Cops are searching for a hit and run driver who left one pedestrian dead and another injured Friday night in New York City pulled a Castro has the latest. The fatal incident occurred around 9 o'clock at the intersection of west 24th street and mermaid avenue in Coney Island. Cops say a 41 year old woman and an 18 year old man were hit by a red pickup truck while crossing the intersection. They were taken to nearby hospitals, the woman was pronounced dead and the man is in stable condition, the red pickup was last seen heading westbound on mermaid avenue. And Kentucky governor Andy beshear says 5 lives were lost after severe storms tore through the state on Friday. Speaking at a morning news conference on Saturday, Bashir said the victims included four men and one woman ranging in age from 23 to 84. He went on to say that wind speeds surpassed 70 mph leaving nearly 400,000 people in the dark in Kentucky alone. I'm Jim Forbes. Now this Bloomberg sports update on the ice rangers went into Boston, came away with a loss, don't feel bad bruins are 26 and two at home rangers still an impressive 18 and 8 on the road even with that loss. Bruins scored twice in the third to put it away. Alexis Lafayette, good game for him. He's the only ranger to score. He had them both. Islanders. Meanwhile, they took a while to wake up at home, but they did. They scored four times in the third period, a nice come from behind win over the visiting Detroit red wings, a four to one. Anders Lee had a pair of goals, Kyle palmieri, Zach parisi, as well. Islanders are the 6th seed, they're a point ahead of the penguins. They're just shy of the rangers and the lightning. To the association, the nets and next both enjoyed a Saturday night off the nets, they'll entertain the Charlotte hornet 6 o'clock on Sunday. Nick's a tough one, they're in Boston at 7 30. They're trying to create a Big Apple double dip in Boston as the nets. They beat him by ten on Friday in Boston. Both New York teams currently in the postseason playoff pitcher. College basketball in the Big E St. John's nearly pulled it off but they lost at number 6 marquette 96 94. It was seton hall pummeling number 20 Providence on the road by 24, 82 to 58. Spring training, Yankees, they lose a track meet at George Steinbrenner field in Tampa 14 to ten to Tampa Bay center Fielder Jason Dominguez continues his impressive string two more hits. He's batting 400 on this one. That's meanwhile, they enjoyed a 15.4 beatdown of the Marlins in Sarasota, Justin fur lander, lost three innings in which she allowed an earned run. MLS on the pitch Saturday, Red Bulls and Nashville played to a scoreless draw. NY FC in Chicago also finished in a tie at one apiece golf, Arnold Palmer invitational at bay hill, Kirk kitty Yama, third round lead at 9 under a stroke ahead of fellow American Scottie scheffler with your Bloomberg sports update. I'm rob bushka. This is a Bloomberg money minute. It's the stuff of science fiction launch a spacecraft to an asteroid and bring back platinum and other precious metals, but Bloomberg's loring crush says California based ASTRO forge wants to do just that. The idea is that there's vast more material out in space to collect. And if we mine it there, then we don't have to use carbon intensive resources here. But there's still a lot of work to do. A NASA mission collected 250 grams, not much at all. They would have to really size that up in order to turn some kind of profit and make this a viable business. In April, ASTRO forge plans to send a small satellite into low earth orbit, following that. They hoped to launch a deep space mission to go scout out one of the asteroids that they planned to eventually mine. After that, we'll come to more missions aimed at extracting and refining the medals and bringing them to earth, says astral forge hopes that can happen in about two years. 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