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When you're a broadcaster. And look when you're doing the zoom calls and and especially public like today, the Louis to Joy Senate hearing on the Postal Service. The control is not always in your hand. Right? There's somebody and, you know, put that out on the Internet. You're trying to log on. And you know how many times you've been told during these things? You're a nude. You're Mike. A mute your mike. Nobody. Khun. Nobody can hear you. You know your picture. Open up your picture. Nobody can see you. So you know you've got that control, but then Beyond that this Khun go anywhere. So today, Senator Tom Carper of Delaware during the Louis Joy hearings. Yeah, I guess she's not technically savvy. And so he was having trouble logging on getting logged on and getting his microphone, toe work. And when Senator Justin was Senator Ron Johnson threw it to him. He wasn't there and then you begin to panic. You're like, Oh, this is my moment. America is watching me. The whole country is going to watch me tear apart this Louis to joy guy. And in his panic he couldn't on Mike, the microphone, the audio he couldn't release it, And then he let three expletives fly. Thanks, Senator Portman again. I want just remind our committee members, please keep your questioning as well as a factor in the answered striking removal. Seven minutes. Senator Harper. All right, Senator Carper is not there. Not their blank screen. Nothing is centered Harper there. No, he's not There. He's now now. You see when he's kind like panic and reaching onto a senator Langford, But wait I think Senator Corporate's there. I think he's going to be able to do it. All right. I just I saw that this morning. There was three f bombs. No. Three of Mike works now. Testing, I guess. Ah, You know these things happen, right? Right, right. These things happen it. Ah, you know what? Just ask. Just ask Thom Brennaman, the Cincinnati Reds announcer who was announcing the game the other day..

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