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Now the crazy was running me instead. Of me Wild okay what do you think logically came next. That she did. A sales pitch for Scientology one hundred fifty. Percents that she, has, practiced that that is. The beginning of her sales pitch for? Scientology that's how. It all begins she tells us, terrible story about when. She. Was addicted to drugs and, then she goes but you know how I got my soul back Yes I did not see senior though no she didn't even think she said okay so. I just feel like she's rehearsed that before so for a lot of you who don't know, and again this. Is, the third thing here on the Colleen and Bradley show we think you need to hear today. But? This is such like worthy of an entirely extended long conversation we could probably spend an entire. Hour talking about Kirstie alley and her obsession with Scientology the thing is like if if you really because, she was promoting NAR NAR NAR absent Narcan but that's not no that wasn't, what she was Narconon Scientology's like sort of answer to alcoholics anonymous. Or. Narcotics. Anonymous right but it's so much more complicated in that we could have a big long discussion about it but the scary thing is that Scientology has been accused of doing a number of. Things which aren't science-based which. Are actually very harmful to people who are in recovery and they, do and it's not, just like a twelve step program like you know Hawks anonymous it's actually. Like this vitamin thing and you if you could do a lot. Of, reading and it would it would blow your mind so it seems totally in. The, way she does it it seems. It, comes across as totally inconsequential like, oh, that's a really amazing story and they really helped. You tell me more because as a you know. Recovering person, I can tell you that when somebody shares their experience you're like. Oh I kind of want what she, had yeah the problem is they don't know all of the baggage. That attached right so it's dangerous because then you know people are like oh I'm at. The end of my rope I'm looking for answers maybe I'll try this well when you dig, into you know. Narconon, you'll learn very quickly that it's not something you probably want somebody who is at the end, of? Their rope right engage as so that's why it's frustrating it was it was a sneaky sell. That she was doing there I feel like we need to acknowledge here at the Minnesota state fair the, fact that my mom is actually wearing our state fair shots I this is, the best advertisement we need to make sure we. Get, a picture Hellenes mom is.

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