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Is a resounding absolute loud no yes Tom Golisano the author of the brand new book built not born a self made billionaires no nonsense guide for entrepreneurs founded Paychex philanthropist ran for governor of New York state three times founded the Independence Party there and lastly Tom I cannot finish this interview without talking about the Buffalo Sabres growing up in buffalo huge Sabres fan still M. and the Buffalo Sabres for many many years I mean they were really just a great team the French connection lot of history always well supported by the fans in western New York and your sports fan but not necessarily a hockey fan and I know that down actually I got involved with the Buffalo Sabres they had seen three NHL games in my life I was what you'd call a fan and but understanding the problem with the Buffalo Sabres having gone through bankruptcy in buffalo and the danger of that potentially leaving the area I got involved what are we truly from the required must have done a great sales job on you because again we see three hockey games but tells the process because it didn't happen when he said Tom you should buy this team it really was went there some time that went by before he finally said maybe I'll do this yeah well I got together with Larry Quinn and Dan the pokey they were introduced to me and having much experience in the field it was a good match but when they should be the cash flow and the and the profit projections I said who wants the only thing and I could see why it would bankrupt the only had about five thousand season ticket holders at the time but I said on the idea I began to realize how important it was to the city of buffalo metropolitan area not to lose this team as seven what the heck let's give it a try and Larry and dance to their leadership and my health and we turned the whole thing around we went in one year and a half we went from five thousand season ticket holders to fifteen thousand season ticket holders and a year and a half in the waiting list now winning games was the key thing but we also did some things for the fans we you know new new scoreboard new ribbon boards we put into a program of pricing we're dependent on the the importance of the game that was the one who played Montreal and Toronto I guess our prices were higher who played team like Atlanta or Tampa if they would be lower so families can enjoy the the the the game as well as the other fans so we did a lot of great things and we turned the thing completely around where it became a profitable organization then Leri develop some hard issues and his health was it was a question and I know because the self inflicted pressure you know he still want to work hard and so forth I became a little concerned for Terry Pluto came along and said he'd be interested in buying the team and we gave them the price and Terry said okay so the team now I'm happy as heck because Google is going to guarantee that team is going to be there forever at least for every time he's so we accomplish something very very important and we transferred over something to him that was much better shape than when we got it well I know the buffalo say the National Hockey League did not want the sabers to leave because of the great fan support over many years but there is a possibility that it could have show by Larry convincing you and you coming in not being a big hockey fan but my understanding was from Larry told me after a after eight years of owning the team you kind of became a pretty pretty Die Hard hockey fan I do watch all those favorite games and TV when I can't be sure and I know a lot more about the game now than they did that right absolutely one last thing when you talk about like what is IT exactly I remember when when the Tampa Bay Lightning first started here in Tampa I was at the very first game new philosophy zero at the time I had some radio stations and we'd carried an exhibition game and we had we had signed up to carry the lightning game so obviously I was in attendance at many of the games of the first game I'll never forget the fans in Tampa we're new to hockey whenever there is an offsides and icing people started applauding they thought it was a good thing they had no clue now tap was become a really tremendous hockey town and it's great to see because it really is a great sport when you see it in person there's really nothing like it but lastly I want to bring up something that you bring up a negotiating tactic or something that can be used whenever you're questioning people the pregnant pause and actually use that without Larry Quinn and the other members of the Buffalo Sabres during a little retreat down to your home in Naples so let's talk about the pregnant pause and then kind of that little squeak story about how you used it with the management of the Buffalo Sabres sure the pregnant pauses I don't know where the name came from I don't know if I coined it or somebody used it with me on the road but anyway it's called a pregnant pause and basically what it is when you're interviewing somebody or negotiating with somebody or making a sales presentation you get to a point where it's time for you the presenter to shut up and give the person on the other end of the table a chance to speak and the main reason is so you can find out what they're thinking well we had a problem with one of our contracts of a player we traded for in the contract it called for a two hundred fifty thousand dollar bonus for a player if he got traded to the Sabres and played so many games he would get that bonus and we would be responsible for it well the people that they go to the contract for us didn't realize that because of the contract we ended up playing on the phone the young man enough so that he earned the bonus well we didn't intend to keep the player very long so we thought that was really a mistake we made the customer company organization a lot of money and the general manager of hockey his name was Darcy this year had the overall responsibility for managing these contracts so I think what Larian Dan and and Darcy down my house in Florida and we said a little room and.

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