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Umass sit head coach rick carpal joining us a few minutes ago as we get ready for game two of the weekend series between main in umass chance circuit chance for us right now to take a look at the main lines for tonight said the black bears are stacking up this evening here at the moment center the man is going to send out two top line this way left right mitchell fawzi a chase pearson edwards trail max secondline nolan vz tim doherty in patrick j of the third line will be even westerlund peter who soko some brendan robbins valley many tyranny yemi on the fourth lined with cedric will kwong jack quinn quivalent in the lineup tonight defensive pairings mark hamilton and rob michael alexis spinners teamed up with the brady keeper tonight patrick hallway and keith newell bauer are the third defensive pairing here this evening well that will do it for our evs building supplies pregame show here from the mall in center in amherst massachusetts are pregame show presented by ubs building supplies paperbased mitch roof inside and out ebs cando just ask starting lineups so the faceoff next main end you mass this is black bear hockey from lear field one weir's sports network this has been the blood clear game show the lateseason the main like the hockey from the you cut celery uses and recycles more than five hundred thousand tonnes of materials in the state of maine annually as kisella continues to provide the people of lane with recycling options they strived to extract the most materials from the waste stream in move into reusing and recycling in order to reduce the amounts that are being landfill casella believes that reusing in recycling is good for the.

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