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Been cleared David Struff Pelino WBZ traffic on the three stated for now with the four day WBZ accu weather forecast brought to you by SP allied dot com good morning to you all right good morning to you as we look at this forecast you know not a lot going on here early in the period but it does ramp up for the end of the week of the weekend some low clouds over the fog and drizzle in some spots this morning a lot of clouds temperatures up in the low to mid forties pretty quiet this afternoon couple of showers to night clubs lingers we drop to around forty overnight and then even milder tomorrow think most places get up to the low fifties tomorrow afternoon Thursday's a date temperatures back up up we start in the upper forties we end up in the thirties with a very strong winds some showers early in the day much colder with sunshine only in the upper twenties on Friday and sat colder that primes the pump for this weekend's storm it looks like snow arrives in the afternoon and evening and continues maybe mixing with and then changing over to rain near the coastal areas by Saturday night Sunday morning I make you with your all Justy devore WBZ bosses newsradio right now in Peabody thirty five in cloudy it's thirty five also in Quincy right now Boston checking in with clouds and thirty seven degrees S. B. allies introducing a new way to get life insurance with our online application now get great protection for your family and only minutes from any computer or mobile device go to S. B. L. I. dot com to learn more six fifty five on the ring central news line in Florida twenty one the Saudi military students have been sent home following an investigation into last month's deadly shooting at the Pensacola air station a shooting AG William Barr now calls an act of terrorism CBS.

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